» Student Banking

Wells Fargo is Chapman University's partner bank. Wells Fargo offers Chapman University students a college package that includes:

• Checking Account
• Savings Account
• Corresponding Debit Cards
• College Credit Card
• Overdraft protection

Orange Campus
Wells Fargo

For more information, please contact (714) 973-3850 and ask for Marilyn. She will allow you to open an account with your passport and Chapman ID card.

Rinker Campus
Wells Fargo
15771 Rockfield Blvd, Irvine
(949) 951-6734

Other Local Banks for Orange Campus

Bank of America
941 N. Tustin St, Orange
(714) 778-7255

There is a Bank of America ATM available on the Orange campus towards the left side of the entrance to the Hutton Sports Gym.

Chase Bank
225 N. Tustin St, Orange
(714) 633-1180

2090 N. Tustin Ave, Orange
(800) 627-3999