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+ - F1 Student Travel Guide

This Travel Guide provides information for F1 students re-entering the U.S.  Please contact International Student & Scholar Services in the Center for Global Education if you have any questions prior to leaving the country.

+ - International Students Studying Abroad

International Students at Chapman may participate on a Semester/Academic Year Program, Short Term Travel Course in January or Summer, or a Summer International Internship. In the 2015/2016 academic year, 35 international students participated on a semester abroad or Travel Course!

International students will need to follow all eligibility and deadline requirements to participate.

Consider these points as you plan to go abroad:

  1. Research your host country’s visa process thoroughly to make sure that you are following all of the necessary steps to obtain your visa and ensure that you are submitting the necessary paperwork. As a student at a U.S. institution you may be able to apply through the host country’s consulate in the U.S. However, if you plan on applying at the host country’s consulate in your home country, have an understanding of the visa processing time as it may be longer.
  2. Understand your travel throughout the program. If you are studying abroad for a summer, semester, or on a short-term program, you should know which countries you are going to visit and understand the visa process for each country to ensure that you will be visiting them legally.
  3. Make sure that your U.S. visa stays current and active while you are abroad. You will need to be in touch with Susan Sams in the Center for Global Education to make sure that you have submitted all the necessary paperwork for this process.