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+ - Freshman Parent Topics

The Freshman Experience 
The freshman experience is a unique and exciting time in your student’s life. Hear from the Division of Student Affairs about this special journey, as well as opportunities and resources available to enhance the student experience. Learn how students navigate their first year at Chapman and how you can assist them.
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Study Abroad: A Life-Changing Experience 
Chapman boasts an education that develops students as global citizens and encourages all students to study abroad for an academic year, semester, summer or interterm. Students interested in study abroad should begin their planning process early. Learn what your student should be doing to properly prepare for an international experience.2017 Study Abroad Presentation » 

Housing: What Options Are Available For Your Student 
With an ever-growing student population, housing is a hot topic, so come learn what opportunities your student should be exploring and what this timeline should look like.
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+ - Sophomore Parent Topics

Fostering Relationships: Student and Faculty Interaction »
The relationship between students and faculty is extremely important. Students have access to a diverse set of talented faculty members who can assist them beyond the classroom ― from undergraduate research, to additional assignment input and discussing career opportunities. Come learn about this special dynamic and how your student can make the most out of this opportunity.
2017 Fostering Relationships Presentation »

Internships: Exploring the Options with Your Student »
Students use internships to hone their skills, get real world experience and as a gateway to a promising future. Get professional advice from Career and Professional Development on strategies your student can use to secure the internship of their dreams. 
2017 Internships Presentation »

Academics: Staying on Track »
Even as sophomores, students should be planning ahead for graduation. Learn how you can best support your student on their path to graduation and how they can be setting themselves up to graduate on time.
2017 Academic Advising Presentation »

+ - Junior Parent Topics

Junior Career Planning: Guiding Your Student »
Your student should prepare and take the necessary steps now to ensure they can secure the job of their dreams upon graduation.  Hear from Career and Professional Development as they highlight critical factors in today’s job market, give you the tools to ensure your student is developing key relationships, and help you to think about ways you can support your student during this important time.
2017 Career Planning Presentation »

Hindsight is 20/20: Advice from Recent Graduates on Junior Year and Beyond »
During this juncture in your student’s Chapman experience, many juniors are beginning to feel nervous about their post-graduation life.  Will they get a job? Is graduate school for them?  Where will they live?  Parents are equally nervous. We're here to help you. Join a panel of recent graduates as they speak candidly about their junior year experience and share tips they utilized to answer those questions and get to post-graduation successfully.
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Post-Graduate Planning: Graduate School, Fellowships and Scholar Programs »
If your student is interested in pursuing a graduate degree or plans on applying for a fellowship or scholar program after graduation, it is important for them to start preparing as early as junior year. Learn how to best support your student in this important process.  
2017 Career Planning Presentation »

+ - Senior Parent Topics

“There’s No Place like Chapman”: University Support for Alumni »
Chapman’s Alumni Association offers job placement assistance, educational and social programs, and a Chapman connection for life. Find out about the opportunities your student can take advantage of now, and assistance they can receive after graduation. 
2017 Alumni Presentation »

Career Development: Expectations upon Entering the Work Force »
Hear directly from Chapman alumni who have made a name for themselves in their industries. This panel will give you and your student insight on attaining a job post-graduation and how to forge a path in your student’s chosen industry. Hear stories about real world work experiences and expectations. Enjoy a Q&A session with these alumni and get all of your working world questions answered.
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Commencement Preparation: Logistics and Planning »
Brittany Rodriguez, associate director of academic events, Institutional Event Management
This session will be your play-by-play for commencement weekend and all that leads up to it. Learn about Chapman’s commencement ceremonies and your student’s “big day.” Get your questions answered directly from the one of the staff members charged with planning the ceremonies and get tips on making this memorable day run smoothly and stress-free.
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