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On Monday, September 9th, the Office of Human Resources will begin its temporary relocation to Wilkinson Hall Floor 2.  Our goal is to vacate our offices in DeMille Hall by Wednesday, September 11th and to be fully operational in our temporary space by or before Friday, September 13th.  We hope to return to our space in DeMille Hall by or before the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday in January 2020.

For your convenience, please see the following quick reference guide of service locations while HR is on Wilkinson Hall Floor 2: 

Temporary Locations for HR Departments

  • Main HR Office
Room 221
  • Benefits:   
Room 211
  • Compensation:    
Room 212
  • Employee Relations: 
Rooms 223A to 228
  • Talent Management: 
Rooms 229 to 234
  • HRIS/People Analytics
Rooms 218-220
  • VP|CHRO Offices:   
Rooms 213-215

There isn't an elevator to the 2nd floor of Wilkinson Hall.  Should you require an alternate meeting location for HR services, please know that we will be happy to accommodate you during this temporary move. Please call x6686 or email hroffice@chapman.edu for accommodations.

photo of Brian Powell

Brian K. Powell

Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Wilkinson Hall, Room 213
photo of Cruz Franco

Cruz Franco

Operations Administrator
Wilkinson Hall, Room 214
photo of Shawna Arredondo

Shawna Arredondo

Human Resources Assistant
Wilkinson Hall, Room 221

Talent Management

photo of Rachael Martin

Rachael Martin

Assistant Vice President of Talent Management
Wilkinson Hall, Room 232

Learning and Development

photo of Anali Makoui

Anali Makoui

Director of Learning and Development
Wilkinson Hall, Room 234

Talent Acquisition

photo of Robin  Borough

Robin Borough

Director of Talent Acquisition
Wilkinson Hall, Room 233
photo of Nashaunda  Williams

Nashaunda Williams

Manager of Limited Term and Student Employment
Wilkinson Hall, Room 230
photo of Martha  Castrejon

Martha Castrejon

Talent Acquisition Specialist
Wilkinson Hall, Room 231
photo of Joseph  Kim

Joseph Kim

Student Employment Coordinator
Wilkinson Hall, Room 231
photo of Cindy Nelson

Cindy Nelson

Wilkinson Hall, Room 233

Total Rewards

photo of Abigail Kane

Abigail Kane

Director of Total Rewards
Wilkinson Hall, Room 212
photo of Rudy Arciniega

Rudy Arciniega

Benefits Manager
Wilkinson Hall, Room 211
photo of Yesenia Castillo

Yesenia Castillo

Total Rewards Specialist
Wilkinson Hall, Room 211
photo of Brenda Beckett

Brenda Beckett

Compensation Analyst
Wilkinson Hall, Room 212

People Analytics

photo of Ming Wright

Ming Wright

Assistant Vice President of Data Analytics and HR Systems
Wilkinson Hall, Room 218
photo of Bao Ngo

Bao Ngo

Associate Director of HR Systems
Wilkinson Hall, Room 218
photo of Sandra Jurca

Sandra Jurca

Data Specialist II
Wilkinson Hall, Room 220
photo of Jeni Do Carmo

Jeni Do Carmo

Data Specialist I
Wilkinson Hall, Room 220

Organization Design and Workforce Strategy

photo of Jason Martin

Jason Martin

Director of Organization Design and Workforce Strategy
Wilkinson Hall, Room 215
photo of Lance Carnow

Lance Carnow

Business Architect
Wilkinson Hall, Room 215

Employee Relations: Employee Care

photo of Michael Nee

Michael Nee

Director of Employee Relations
Wilkinson Hall, Room 224
photo of Rob Cahoon

Rob Cahoon

Employee Relations Representative
Wilkinson Hall, Room 227
photo of Tim Frenchcampbell

Tim Frenchcampbell

Wellness and Leaves Specialist
Wilkinson Hall, Room 223A

Employee Relations: Equal Opportunity

photo of Misha Martinez

Misha Martinez

Equal Opportunity and Diversity Officer
Wilkinson Hall, Room 226
photo of Albert Roberson

Albert Roberson

Title IX Investigator
Wilkinson Hall, Room 225

Human Resources Processing Center

photo of Alex Beau

Alex Beau

HR Service and Satisfaction Agent
Wilkinson Hall, Room 221
photo of Angelica Castillo

Angelica Castillo

HR Service and Satisfaction Agent
Wilkinson Hall, Room 221
photo of Brian Graves

Brian Graves

HR Service and Satisfaction Agent
Wilkinson Hall, Room 221
photo of Robert Macias

Robert Macias

HR Service and Satisfaction Agent
Wilkinson Hall, Room 221