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  • The following collection of policies, along with those found on the Institutional Policies webpage, provide notice to Staff and Administrators of the policies that govern their employment at Chapman University. Accordingly, Staff and Administrators are responsible to read the policies included here in order to become familiar with and abide by these policies, regulations and procedures.

    In order to retain necessary flexibility in the administration of policies and procedures, the University reserves the right to amend its policies, procedures, and any other provisions.   It should be remembered that Staff and Administrator employment relationships are at the mutual consent of the employee and Chapman University.  Accordingly, either an employee or the University can terminate the employment relationship at will, at any time, with or without cause or advance notice.  The at-will nature of the employment relationship is not modified by any changes in these policies.

    As policies are revised, they will be announced, updated in this collection and made available electronically.  Please click on the underlined text to view each policy.

    The Staff and Administrative Handbook includes policies and procedures that have since been updated. Please refer to the Institutional Policies webpage and/or contact the Office of Human Resources at hroffice@chapman.edu for information about policy updates.  A new handbook for Staff and Administrators is under review and a Benefits and Leave Administration manual is also being finalized for posting as well.

    • Performance Appraisal Information (pdf)
    • Chapman Goal Setting (pdf)
    • SMART Goals Worksheet (MS Excel)
    • Performance Appraisal Form (pdf) (MS Word)
    • Self-Appraisal Form (pdf) (MS Word)
    • Employee Report of Accident or Illness (PDF)
    • Supervisor Report of Accident or Illness (PDF)