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Health and Safety

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What do we do about employees who come to work with symptoms like cough, nasal congestion, and fever?

We have consistently encouraged employees to remain home when they are experiencing symptoms that could be influenza, covid-19, or other contagious airborne illnesses. Employees who need to be absent because of illness are required to coordinate with their supervisors. Employees who miss more than three days of work will be required to submit a physician’s note upon their return.

Supervising Remotely

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I’m a supervisor and have never supervised anyone remotely. What tips to do you have for me?

I have an employee whose child's school is closed and they can't work remotely because of childcare/homeschooling issues. What should I do?

See if you can together arrange an alternative work schedule or arrangement. If no other arrangements can be made, the employee should record any hours/days missed for this reason using the Paid Not Working timekeeping code. The employee will still be responsible for completing their timesheet/ATO while using the Paid Not Working timekeeping code.

If they are missing work for reasons unrelated to the current COVID-19 pandemic, for example, to bond with a newly born or adopted healthy baby under the age of one, a pre-scheduled surgery, or to care for an injured family member (injury not due to COVID-19), there are existing policies in place that should be used. Please contact Tim Frenchcampbell in the Office of Human Resources regarding Leave of Absence, Sick Leave, Family Sick Leave, and Vacation accruals, and/or other optional benefits such as State Disability and Paid Family Leave for self or family care issues unrelated to COVID-19.

What should I do if I have concerns about productivity with my staff working remotely?

Communicate with them.  Share your concerns and inquire further.  Working remotely will be new for many employees, and your direct reports will need your guidance and leadership.  Please review the Guidance on Remote Work for Chapman Employees for resources on remote supervision and consult with Employee Relations in Human Resources for additional guidance.

I have an employee whose performance has suffered since teleworking. Who should I contact for assistance with this matter?

Please contact the Employee Relations Team.

I have an employee that is working remotely but is not being responsive. What should I do as a supervisor?

Please do not ignore the situation, as there could be multiple reasons for this (including employee illness).  Please contact Employee Relations for additional support and guidance.

Since remote work began, I cannot find or connect with my non-essential employee who is supposed to be working remotely. Can you help?

If you are expecting an employee to be working and responsive during regular business hours and they have not called in sick and are not working (e.g. not participating in virtual meetings, no presence in collaboration tools, etc.), are not contacting you, and you and other teammates have been unable to reach them after several attempts over a reasonable period of time, you may consider using the employee’s emergency contact details to try to reach a family member or a friend. In the meanwhile, it is advised to make alternative arrangements to minimize impact on your operation.

My employee is unable to work remotely. Where can I find a list of temporary assignments to redeploy them?

Work within your department to see if other duties can be reassigned to that individual, including assignments that were done by student employees. Once HR compiles all the information and can assess the volume of those who cannot work, we will see how we may be able to reassign work from other departments. At this point, it is too early for us to know.

How do we help team members who do not have a strong wifi connection, and have circumstances that they cannot improve the wifi, and it is very difficult to have teams meetings with them? I have tried phone calls but I am concerned about their isolation from the rest of the team. (Town Hall Question)

Please reach out to IS&T to determine if there is any support they can provide.  For the second part of your question, please reach out to Rachael Martin, Assistant Vice President of Talent Management, to better support this concern.

What if you have an employee that's quits during this shut down - how do they empty their desk? (Town Hall Question)

Due to campus access being restricted to essential personnel only, office clean outs for the collection of personal belongings will be temporarily postponed until such restrictions are lifted.  Joyce Chen in the Office of Human Resources will log such requests and reach out to those individuals once non-essential campus personnel resume operations on campus.

Employee Work Times, Timekeeping, and ERCRs

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How am I supposed to account for my hourly employees’ time if they are not in the office?

Communicate with them.  Set expectations, including start and stop times, rest breaks, and meal periods consistent with how you would manage them if they were on campus.  Set clear expectations that any overtime requires pre-approval.  Employees must submit their time each pay cycle, and supervisors must approve that submitted time each pay cycle.

I supervise employees. Can I still get into Chapman Manager Self-Service to review and approve time from home?

Chapman Manager Self-Service functionalities continue to be available. You can contact Service Desk for any technical difficulties via email at servicedesk@chapman.edu or phone at (714) 997-6600.

I supervise employees but am too sick to review and approve time. Whom do I need to contact?

Discuss with your supervisor or manager about who is the best person to review and approve time in your absence.  HR will need to be informed about the temporary change so we can update the change in PeopleSoft HCM in order for the delegated supervisor to review time.

One of my employees can work remotely but for fewer hours per week than 40, what should they do?

Do my hourly employees still have to take breaks and lunches when working from home?

Yes, the meal and break policies still apply.

Currently almost all student employment is suspended. Do students still have to complete their timesheets? Should it be based on the hours they were scheduled to work, or will they get paid a flat rate?

Yes.  Please see the March 13th How to Report and Approve Student Time memo for additional instructions.

How will departments submit ERCR forms? How will the ERCR be approved remotely?

During a campus closure, ERCRs will continue to be used to document approved changes for an employee's position. Changes encompass the following: budget change(s), rates of pay or other related pay actions, and separations of employment. The routing process will move from manual/paper to via Outlook email. Attachments may be sent either as PDF or in the original ERCR Excel format. If an electronic signature is not accessible for the reviewer/approver, an email communicating the action is approved will be sufficient during a temporary closure. To access the ERCR, please visit the HR webpage, HR Policies and Forms, and click on the Pay and Other Changes tab.


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My unit wants to use Teams and Zoom, but I have not used those systems before. Where can I get information on how to get this set up?

I need to reach out to my employees, but I do not have their contact information.

Consider using online collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams. Additionally, if you or your team are interested in switching your team to a Soft Phone set up, please email your request to workingremotely@chapman.edu and be sure to provide the following information in your request: (1) Name (first, last); (2) Office Number; (3) Any other shared lines.

Hiring Pause, Reorganization, Reclassification, and Promotions

As announced by President Struppa in his March 26th communication, Chapman has implemented a short term hiatus on hiring of open positions and will not authorize any new third-party consulting engagements. Furthermore, in accordance to the Coronavirus Protocols for Staff and Administrators (page 6), all pending or future promotions, all pending or future reclassifications, and all pending or proposed reorganizations have been suspended due to disruption to normal operations. If you feel that an exception is needed, please review the published guidance for requesting an exception to the hiring pause.

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I was working with Classification and Compensation on a pending promotion action and/or reclassification prior to the temporary closure. Will HR honor this request during the temporary closure?

Please contact Abbie Kane for further discussion related to your request submitted and reviewed prior to notification of temporary closure.

I would like to submit a supervisor change request. How do I do this?

During the period while non-essential services are being performed remotely, all staff/admin supervisor change requests are placed on hold until further notice. For additional guidance, please contact Abbie Kane.

When we return to campus, will the hiring freeze apply to student workers as well? (Town Hall Question)

We cannot say at this time, as we do not know when - and under what conditions or constraints, if any - a return to campus will look like.

Should the Exception Review Process for post-docs follow Faculty guidelines (Dean communicates with Provost first)? (Town Hall Question)


If we received an enhancement, is there a possibility it will be rescinded? (Town Hall Question)

All enhancements are paused until further notice.

Does the hiring pause impact part-time faculty hires? (Town Hall Question)

This does impact part-time faculty hires.  For more information, please first read through the COVID-19 Hiring Pause: Exception Review Process document.  If you have more questions reach out to your respective Dean and/or the Office of Faculty Affairs.

If we're hopeful the campus will reopen for fall, should we plan our student hiring accordingly? We typically hire many students before the fall to prepare for the fall returns, what is your advice on hiring students for the fall and preparing for possibly reopening? (Town Hall Question)

We will know much more about student hiring in the upcoming weeks.

New Employee Intake

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We have a new hire projected to start later this month but this person is out of state. Can we still do a virtual on boarding and have the new employee start from their current home since they have not been able to move to California? (Town Hall Question)

Please contact TalentServices@Chapman.edu for more clarification.  We are conducting all intakes virtually, but without knowing more about this particular case, we need to understand approvals, out-of-state details, etc.

How should new employees getting hired during this time provide their identification documentation (e.g., ID, birth certificate, passport, etc.)? Should they mail it in via snail mail or are they able to provide it via email? (Town Hall Question)

Our I-9 Identification process is 100% remote. The new hire will be emailed instructions. We will ask the new hire to have a friend / family physically in the room with them while attending a Virtual Intake meeting with a member of our Human Resource team. New hires will take a picture of their original, approved identification, via phone or smart device. With our help, we'll ensure that picture gets uploaded into our eVerification system. After the Department of Homeland Security lifts the virtual identification allowance, we will ask anyone who did a virtual intake to bring their physical identification to our office. We will keep everyone well informed.

Employee Relations Functions

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I currently have an open Employee Relations case. What will happen to the case now that the campus is closed?

Employee Relations will continue to operate in a remote setting.  Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis as to whether or not an investigation can proceed remotely or virtually, or if the matter must remain in abeyance until we resume normal operations.  Please work with your Employee Relations contact.

How will Performance Management (corrective actions, PIPs, Involuntary Separations, counseling meetings, etc.) work in a remote scenario?

Whether an employee is essential and working on campus or non-essential and working remotely, employees are expected to perform their duties to the best of their abilities. If you believe that you have an employee who is underperforming and is in need of coaching, we encourage you to engage with the employee.  If additional performance management is needed, please contact Employee Relations for additional support.

Will someone in HR be able to help me with a leaves management issue or a request for accommodations?

Yes. Please contact Tim Frenchcampbell. He will be available to support you remotely.