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The Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office (EODO) is responsible for the University's compliance with federal and state laws and University policies and procedures regarding discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment, and sex offenses. The EODO works to promote and integrate the principles of equal opportunity, affirmative action, nondiscrimination, and inclusive excellence at Chapman University.

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What We Do

The EODO is committed to responding promptly and effectively when it learns of any allegation of prohibited conduct. Our staff are trained to investigate complaints brought by members of the University community. Our objective is to investigate complaints of discrimination and harassment in a fair, impartial, and appropriate manner.

We take seriously our commitment to provide an environment which is free of any form of harassment and discrimination based upon an individual's race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, age, marital status, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, military or veteran status, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by applicable state or federal law, so that all members of the University community are treated at all times with dignity and respect. It is the University’s policy, therefore, to prohibit all forms of such harassment and discrimination among University students, faculty, staff, and administration.


October 13, 2020
The Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office’s website will no longer house information on Workplace Accommodations. We will, however, maintain a link to the Workplace Accommodations area. Should you or any community member wish to file an accommodation request, please visit the Workplace Accommodations webspace.

August 14, 2020
The Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Harassment Policy and prescribed procedures have been amended. These policy amendments ensure that our obligation to the community and the federal government has been met. The Equal Opportunity and Diversity Officer has implemented two interim policies that will govern this space 1) Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Prevention Policy for Employees, and 2) The Policy Preventing Sexual Harassment Prohibited By Title IX. To ensure that community members understand our obligation under Title IX, The American Council on Education has published a useful summary of key revisions.

July 8, 2020
We’ve made the switch! Our course modules are now under EverFi’s Foundry system. Should you have any questions about your historical course modules, please contact eo@chapman.edu.

Accessing Supportive Measures

In the event of an alleged incident of harassment or discrimination, the University makes supportive measures available to individuals regardless of whether or not the individuals choose to report full details of the incident (such as the name of the respondent) to the University or to law enforcement. Supportive measures’ shall be confidential, to the extent that maintaining confidentiality does not impair the University’s ability to provide such measures. To access supportive measures, please contact the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Officer, Albert Roberson.

Resources For You

The Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office remains steadfast in our commitment to equity and equality in support of our diverse community. We encourage that you contact the identified resources on the "Health and Wellness Resources" page, if you, or someone you know, would like support with coping and healing, during this very difficult time.