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Tuition Exchange is a reciprocal scholarship program for children and other family members of faculty and staff employed at over 600 participating institutions representing 47 states, the District of Columbia and several other countries. Tuition Exchange, Inc., a non-profit association serves higher education by making careers at colleges and universities more attractive.

  1. Students who are dependents of Chapman employees select a University from the list of member institutions that belong to the Tuition Exchange Program (www.tuitionexchange.org).
  2. To apply for the Tuition Exchange scholarship program to be effective at the beginning of a specific academic year, you must submit a Tuition Exchange Application for consideration by November of the year prior. The completed and signed application must be sent to the liaison officer at Chapman University, Rudy Arciniega in the Human Resources Office. The liaison officer will provide information about the process and deadlines for the Tuition Exchange Program. All eligible applicants will be "certified" and an application will be sent to the schools of your choice. You must complete the preliminary application for Tuition Exchange and submit the form to Human Resources.
  3. The liaison officers at the institutions to which you apply will notify you that your application has been accepted or rejected.
  4. In order to be classified as a dependent, the student must be living at home and be totally financially dependent on his/her parents, subject to verification by the Human Resources Office.
  5. Tuition Exchange applies only to undergraduate work, for a maximum attendance of four years. The program does not apply to part-time, summer, or study abroad programs.

A list of member institutions, eligibility requirements, limitations and procedural information is available through the Human Resources Office.


Eligibility for Tuition Exchange is determined by the Human Resources Office and is restricted to the dependents of active employees who have completed three years of service at Chapman University and who are scheduled to work 30 or more hours per week. Dependents include the employee's current spouse (regardless of age), and children through the end of the academic year in which they attain their twenty-fifth birthday.

For additional questions, please contact us at benefits@chapman.edu.

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