» Association of Retired and Emeritus Faculty of Chapman University

The Association of Retired and Emeritus Faculty of Chapman University is an organization that:

  • Advocates on behalf of retired faculty
  • Maintains communication with the various groups with in the university
  • Promotes fellowship among its members

Organizational Structure

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+ - Purpose

The purpose of the organization shall be threefold: advocating for retired faculty within the university community; maintaining open communication with the university faculty, staff, and administration; and promoting fellowship among retired and emeritus faculty members.

+ - Membership

Those eligible for membership shall include all full-time faculty who have retired from Chapman University. Long-term adjunct faculty may be invited to join upon agreement of the Working Group.

The spouse of any deceased member shall be eligible for associate membership.

+ - Working Group

The programmatic functions of the organization, including event planning, website maintenance, organizational problem-solving, maintaining channels of communication with the Faculty Senate, upper management, deans, etc., shall be performed by volunteers serving as the Working Group. The Working Group shall establish task-specific subcommittees as needed.

Any member of the Association may serve on the Working Group at any time.

The executive functions of the organization, including calling and chairing meetings, setting agendas, taking notes on decisions made by the membership, maintaining open lines of communication with the membership, and so forth, shall be performed by a small group of volunteers from within the Working Group.

+ - Meetings

The Working Group will meet every other month, or more often if necessary, as decided by its members.

Meetings of the full membership will be held a minimum of two (2) times a year. For decision-making purposes, a quorum shall consist of twenty-five percent of all members of the organization or ten members, whichever is the lesser number.

Ad hoc committees or special interest groups shall meet as often as they choose.

+ - Committees and Special Interest Groups

Committees shall develop their own statements of purpose, and proceed to work towards goals they themselves articulate. Committees are expected to keep the Working Group informed of their activities.

Members of this organization can form permanent or short-term special interest groups around topics or activities of interest to some but not necessarily all, of the open membership of the organization. 

Current Committee Memberships

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+ - Working Group

Don Booth booth@chapman.edu

Jay Boylan boylan@chapman.edu

Margaret Dehning dehning@chapman.edu

Virginia Carson carson@chapman.edu

Tom Hall hall@chapman.edu

Claudia Horn horn@chapman.edu

John Koshak  koshak@chapman.edu

Joe Mathews  mathews@chapman.edu

Karl Reitz  kpreitz@gmail.com

Anita Storck  storck@chapman.edu

Barbara Tye  tye@chapman.edu

John Yules yules@chapman.edu

+ - Event Planning

John Koshak  koshak@chapman.edu

Joe Matthews  matthews@chapman.edu

Anita Storck  storck@chapman.edu

Richard Turner  turner@chapman.edu

+ - Notifications

Claudia Horn  horn@chapman.edu

+ - Membership list maintenance

Margaret Dehning  dehning@chapman.edu

Benefits and Concerns

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+ - Benefits

As policies with respect to retired and emeritus faculty are regularized, this space will indicate those policies.  In the meantime there are benefits that are well established.  They are

  • Library Privileges – the library has copies of all the library privileges
  • e-mail – retired faculty may choose to continue using their e-mail

+ - Concerns

The members of The Association of Retired and Emeritus Faculty at Chapman University, have noted a significant lack of uniformity in the knowledge of benefits afforded to retirees.  We have also noted a similar lack of uniformity between the various schools in how retirees have been treated.   The Association is working to insure consistency on the part of the University toward retirees.  We are also attempting to facilitate communication of these policies to current and future retirees.  In the interim, members of the working group are willing to share their knowledge and experience with these matters


 The following are areas of concerns to retirees.

  • E-mail notifications
  • Faculty meetings
  • University events
  • Building or room access
  • Faculty discounts
  • Office – Telephone
  • Parking
  • Personal Computer 
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