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Fowler School of Engineering

» Hands-On Learning

Fowler makes your “learning experience” truly something immersive and impactful. Our students collaborate across educational disciplines to explore real world challenges, find solutions and construct an empowered and better future.

Interact Collaboratively

Fowler has been built from the ground up with an entirely new mindset around engineering education. This approach combines interactive classes; rigorous and creative experimentation; and cross-disciplinary collaboration to create an environment that supports the growth of amazing innovators and problem solvers. Whether you’re working with robotics, testing cybersecurity, engaging in ethical hacking or exploring the latest computer hardware tools, you’re provided with the interconnected space you need.

We are, by design, an open market for opportunity to assist our passionate entrepreneurs, risk-takers and innovators. We prize collaboration over competition, because together we are stronger.

Solve Ambitiously

The Grand Challenges Initiative is an interdisciplinary, student-driven part of every science and engineering student’s curriculum that allows them to tackle issues that fascinate and perplex us, building critical research skills over a two-year timeline.

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Think Outside: Rebuilding the Box

Erik Linstead instructing a class

Fowler School of Engineering Dean Andrew Lyon and professor Erik Linstead clearly believe in the power of engineering to do good, but did you know they’re basing their approach on a holistic model of collaborative education? 

Explore Deeply

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