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» Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics

The need to collect, process and analyze data is becoming a critical skill in most any career, from medicine to entertainment. Leverage data at multiple scales to discover patterns, visualize trends and explain the seemingly unexplainable.


Our Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics makes Chapman one of the few universities in the nation that offers a data science program at the undergraduate level. Dubbed the "high tech business degree," our program combines the strengths of the computation programs from Fowler School of Engineering with curriculum from the Argyros School of Business and Economics, creating a hybrid data analytics degree where students develop the ability to design and manage the computer infrastructure of a business.

As society's ability to collect and analyze data continues to grow, so does the need for scientists who can analyze it — and at a scale never before thought possible. Here you will learn the world of cloud computing, databases, machine learning, artificial intelligence, business analytics and more.


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Grand Challenges Initiative

Students pursuing any B.S. degree in the college must 1) satisfy their First-Year Foundations Course (FFC) requirement by enrolling in a Grand Challenges Initiative FFC section; and 2) enroll in and pass 3 (ideally consecutive) 1-credit Grand Challenges Initiative seminars. Students who enter the Fowler School of Engineering after their first year either by transfer or change of major must seek advising from the Grand Challenges Initiative Program Director to design an individual plan for program participation.

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GPA and Grade Option Requirements

Students pursuing any degree in the college must maintain a 2.000 grade point average in the major and a 2.500 grade point average for all lower-division courses in the major. All courses in the major must be taken for a letter grade except for those that may only be taken or that have a default grading option of P/NP.

Degree Program Honors

Students must have a major GPA of 3.500 or higher by the conclusion of the term prior to graduation and must have completed a minimum of 120 hours of independent research. Completion of independent research includes the completion of a scientific paper in the relevant scientific field, or an oral presentation to the faculty, or a poster presentation at the Chapman University Student Research Day. Additionally, a vote by the appropriate faculty group that the research and corresponding artifacts were of sufficient quality to merit honors is required. Additional degree program honor requirements, if they exist, are listed under the degree program description.

Transfer Prerequisites

Several majors at Chapman University require and recommend foundation and/or prerequisite courses. To find how your transferable courses at your college match Chapman’s prerequisites, you can use Transferology.

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Accelerated Undergraduate/Master of Science in Computational and Data Sciences

Students completing undergraduate engineering degrees are eligible to complete an additional year of study to obtain an M.S. in Computational and Data Sciences degree in the Schmid College of Science and Technology. Computational science is an interdisciplinary field in which computers and mathematics are used to model and simulate biological and physical processes found in the natural world. This graduate degree consists of four areas of study: bioinformatics and computational biology, analytics and applied mathematics, computational economics and earth system science. Graduate courses used to satisfy undergraduate degree requirements, may also satisfy up to 12 credits of graduate coursework and may be double-counted towards both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. For specific criteria, refer to the Schmid College of Science and Technology’s section of the graduate catalog.

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Fowler School of Engineering applicants are eligible for scholarships that will augment or, in some cases, fully replace the standard financial aid package provided by Chapman University. Scholarships range from an annual $2,000 to 100% of tuition, room and board.

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Possible Careers

Graduates will be prepared to tackle data at any scale — even under the uncertainty of the real world. And because our faculty understand that data science isn’t done in a vacuum, our students leave this program understanding that in the context of business, just because something is statistically significant doesn’t mean it’s economically significant.

This program teaches you to use technical skills and pair those with a wide variety of other interests, ranging from healthcare to sports analytics to Wall Street. Our graduates have gone on to careers as data scientists, sports analysts, cybersecurity engineers and investment bankers.

Data Scientist
Collect and analyze data to create accurate predictions and actionable insights using software tools, programming and data visualization skills.

Systems Analyst
Analyze science, engineering, business and other data processing problems to implement and improve computer systems.

Data Engineer
Focus on larger datasets, tasked with optimizing the infrastructure surrounding different data analytics processes.

Student Outcomes

Research Success

"A big key to success is doing your research on the front-end. Kind of like doing an interview, doing good research allows you to be successful on the back-end."

—Mike Nemerouf '18, Data Scientist at The Aerospace Corporation and Army Veteran


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