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Fowler School of Engineering

» Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The Fowler School of Engineering offers a top-tier faculty of scientists currently engaged with students in research projects such as data mining, cloud computing, and mobile application development. The computer science program at Chapman strives to provide a degree that teaches undergraduates to push the frontier of advancement in computer hardware and software, and apply this power of computing to other branches of scientific study.

In addition to regular classroom instruction, our professors also work alongside students to develop projects that culminate into the co-authorship and publication of scholarly works.  Students have the opportunity to begin a research project as early as their freshman year.

Faculty members have ties with major private and public institutions, including:

  • High-tech industries in Southern California
  • National Science Foundation
  • NASA

Such relationships ensure a balance of theoretical learning with opportunities for practical industry experience. Thanks to valued cooperation with the other disciplines in the school, computer science students enjoy a much stronger mathematics component than they would find at other notable institutions.

Graduates have gone on to work for a wide variety of companies including Google, Smith Micro Software, Boeing, and Obsidian Entertainment.  Others have gone on to earn advanced degrees at wide range of top programs from UCLA to The University of Edinburgh.


We belong to the Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance which offers students free software.

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