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» Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Launching Fall of 2020

Design and fabricate the hardware components that allow computing to be integrated into any application imaginable, big or small.


Our Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering allows you to gain in-depth insight into the process of designing, fabricating and programming a diverse array of computer hardware. With the popularization of embedded technology in devices and objects, the possibilities are endless for computer engineers.

The lines between hardware and software are blurred. Interfaces with technology now look profoundly different from traditional desktop computing. This program positions you to become an innovator in a world where system requirements are quickly becoming time and safety critical.


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Possible Careers

Graduates with degrees in computer engineering can go on to develop guidance and navigation systems for satellites, smart cars capable of driving themselves, medical devices that interact seamlessly with internal organs and the next generation of high-performance computers.

Computer Hardware Engineer
Designs and builds computers by combining expertise in technology, electronics and engineering.

Software Applications Engineer
Develop applications that allow people to complete tasks on a computer—and the underlying systems that run devices or control networks. 

Embedded Systems Engineer
Use knowledge of engineering principles and programming languages to build software products, develop computer games and run network control systems.

Student Outcomes

A Bright Future

“What Chapman wants to do is train engineers in the new way, and to take on the new grand challenges. That’s really what engineers can be at the center of: making a difference."
—Thomas Piechota, Ph.D., PE

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