» Entertainment Marketing Campaign: "The End of Forever"

  • The Film
  • Executive Summary
  • The End of Forever follows a high school couple faced with the looming end of their relationship. Lily is more eager and ready to leave the romance behind whereas Camden is still unwilling to let his high school sweetheart go. On their last night together the couple stumbles upon an ancient wishing well and a determined Camden unintentionally seals their fate when he makes a wish that unleashes an unforeseen evil.

  • Created by Fiona Mushi (BA/PRA'13)

    We have all had our heart broken or broken someone’s heart. The end of a relationship is rarely a pleasant time yet it is widely relatable. The End of Forever takes this familiar occurrence in life and divulges a dark story conveying just how horrific heartbreak can be.

    The resonating story and thrilling visuals within this film make it highly marketable to a wide audience as you will soon discover in the pages to come. The big idea behind this marketing plan will capitalize on the familiar experience presented in the storyline and the positioning of the film will further convey the prevailing theme of embracing the dark side of romance.

    Throughout the conception of this plan we tapped into multiple resources from which to gain the vital research that would allow us to step into the mind of the consumer and cultivate a marketing campaign that would relate and reverberate with each of our defined target groups. The detailed strategy takes an all-inclusive approach at reaching the desired audiences through mediums they frequently engage with and incorporating The End of Forever with their lifestyle and current sources of entertainment.

    Through this strategy The End of Forever will undoubtedly succeed at capturing the attention of all those who are avid horror fans or just bitter on romance.