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Am I a transfer student?

If you have graduated from high school, and have taken at least 12 units of college credit.

When is the deadline for transfer applicants?

Spring Semester- October 15th

Fall Semester- February 15th


Where do I apply?

Every student needs to apply through the Common Application as well as complete a Creative Supplement

What are the Creative Supplements for Dodge College of Film and Media Arts?

All of our programs required creative supplemental materials to be submitted.  Each program has specific supplements geared to the individual program. Learn more about supplemental materials for Dodge College.

What do I do if I've applied to Dodge College before?

If you are applying to Chapman for the second time, you should submit a new application through Common Application. We strongly encourage you to submit updated materials when applying again.

What should I take at another college/university before transferring to Dodge College?

We encourage students to take general education courses that would transfer into our program. We also suggest you take one or two classes that would be applicable to your program to keep your experience current. You can contact the Office of Admissions for more questions on what courses would transfer into Chapman University. (Please note: We usually do not allow classes to transfer into Dodge College).

Where can I find information on degree requirements at Dodge College?

Each program at Dodge College has specific requirements. Learn more about specific program degree requirements.

What do you look for in Dodge College applicants?

We want to see applicants that have a strong creative and unique storytelling ability. We also like to applicants that have continued their experience in their area of interest from high school. Your academic experience is important as well so that we can ensure that you will be successful in your transition into our program. It is important to apply by our deadlines and make sure you submit all required materials.

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