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Can I take the Applied Track in Psychology?

  1. For catalog years before 2014-15 you can take the applied track.
  2. For catalog years later than 2014-15 you can only take the general track.
  3. General track requires Stats, Research Methods and Intro. After you take those courses then you can move on to processing or applied courses.
  4. Applied track requires 101, and then applied and processing courses.

What is the process for getting a form signed by the department chair?

  1. Send an email to Dr. Laura Glynn, department chair for Psychology. Include a copy of the form and all back-up documentation for her review. She will let you know if your paperwork is sufficient or if more information is needed
  2. Once your forms are complete, Dr. Glynn will advise next steps for acquiring her signature.

How can I change my major/ minor to Psychology?

  1. Complete a Change Form
  2. Submit to Monica Cataldo, department admin for Psychology. You can hand-in a hard copy of send a copy via email. She will get the department chairs signature for you
  3. Take the completed form to the Registrar’s office for processing

I am a Psychology major. Who is my faculty advisor?  

  1. Check mychapman.edu to see who is listed as your faculty advisor
  2. If there is no advisor listed, contact Monica Cataldo, department admin for Psychology. She will assign an advisor to you.

How do I change my faculty advisor?

  1. Contact a full-time faculty member of your choice by email. Request to be added to their advisee list.
  2. When you get the reply, forward it to Monica Cataldo, department admin for Psychology. She will add your name to the instructor’s advisee list in Campus Solutions.
  3. After 24 hours, your new advisor’s name will appear when you log into Campus Solutions.

Who are the full-time faculty members in Psychology?

  1. The following faculty members are full-time and can advise students. You can find their contact info on the Crean College Faculty Directory
    1. Dr. Julia Boehm
    2. Dr. Carolyn Brodbeck
    3. Dr. Edward Dana
    4. Dr. David Frederick
    5. Dr. Laura Glynn
    6. Dr. Jennifer Hahn- Holbrook
    7. Dr. David Pincus
    8. Dr. Steven Schandler
    9. Dr. Connie Shears
    10. Dr. Jessica Walker

How can I schedule an appointment with my faculty advisor?

  1. Simply email an appointment request to your faculty advisor directly. Include, the date/ time you can be available and the discussion topic.

I am a Psychology minor. Who can I contact for program advising?

  1. Please contact the student advising team at psypeeradvising@chapman.edu
  2. Student advisors also keep regular office hours at Crean Hall. Those hours are posted on the Crean College website during Fall and Spring semesters.
  3. If the student advising team can’t answer your questions, they will refer you to a faculty member in the program who can.

Who do I contact if I want to report a negative Psychology class experience or a problem with a faculty member?

  1. First contact Monica Cataldo, the department admin for Psychology via email. Briefly describe the problem and provide back-up documentation if necessary
  2. Monica will advise next steps, which may or not include contacting the department chair depending on the circumstances.

I am a prospective student and would like to observe a class or schedule a meeting with a faculty member?

  1. The Office of Admissions hosts a number of events throughout the year that allow students to visit campus, meet faculty, observe classes and more. Please contact Admissions directly to inquire.

Where are the Psychology Research Labs located?

All research labs are located at Crean Hall except for the Early Human and Lifespan Development Lab. That is located at 544 N. Cypress Avenue

I am a research participant. Where do I go to check-in for a study?

Please check-in at Crean Hall in Room 132, waiting area. If you are participating in a study at the Early Human and Lifespan Development lab, please go to 544 N. Cypress Avenue. Check-in at the door. 

What is the Add Form process for psychology classes?       

  1. Email the instructor who is teaching the class and request to be added
  2. Acquire the instructor’s signature on the Add Form. Do not skip this step.
  3. Forward the form, signed by the instructor, to the Monica Cataldo, department admin for Psychology
  4. She will get the department chairs signature and return the form to you
  5. Take the form to the registrar’s office for processing. Forms that do not have the instructor’s valid signature will not be accepted. The instructor must approve/ sign the form before the department chair. 
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