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Is there a recommended undergraduate major to enter the Master of Science in Athletic Training (MS.AT) at Chapman University?

There is no specific required major at the undergraduate level as long as you have met the prerequisite course requirements. The most common undergraduate majors are Health Science, Kinesiology, or Exercise Science, but there is no preferred undergraduate major.  

What are the prerequisites to the program? 

Prerequisites are listed on our web page.  If you have a question on whether a course you have taken, or plan to take, meets the prerequisite requirements, please contact the MS.AT Program Director, Jason Bennett, at jbennett@chapman.edu

I am graduating from an accredited undergraduate athletic training program, am I eligible to enter the MS.AT program?

No. The Athletic Training program at Chapman is an entry-level program where graduates are eligible to take the national, Board of Certification (BOC), certification examination. If you graduated from an accredited undergraduate program than you have already met the entry-level requirements to take the certification examination. 

Is the Athletic Training program at Chapman an accredited program?

Yes. We are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). 

How many students do you admit each year?

Our goal is to admit a maximum of 20 highly-qualified students per year. 

Where can I complete the application?

The application is available at the Athletic Training Centralized Application Service (ATCAS) website at https://portal.atcas.org. This application is very thorough and includes your personal information, academic history, supporting information, and program specific documents and questions. Through the ATCAS website, applicants can save their application as they complete each section and submit when ready. 

Where do I send official transcripts?

Official transcripts of all colleges/universities attended are sent to ATCAS directly and ATCAS verifies that the official transcript and the courses noted by the applicant within their application are consistent. Instructions for where to send your transcripts are given within the ATCAS application. 

Where should I send my letters of recommendation?

Letters of recommendation will be uploaded by the recommender directly to ATCAS.  As part of your application, you will complete the contact info for each person you wish to write a letter on your behalf (one must be from a certified athletic trainer that has observed your clinical skills and another must be from a professor/teacher who can describe your academic abilities). You should not receive letters of recommendation directly from your designated recommenders. 

What is the due date for applications?

We have a rolling deadline of admissions with the first review of applicants for those that have their application submitted, and official transcripts received by ATCAS, by December 1st.  Because of administrative delays in ordering/sending official transcripts from each university/college attended, it is recommended to request official transcripts to be sent to ATCAS by mid-November.  All applicants that apply, and have their official transcripts received, to ATCAS by December 1st, will receive priority in review and evaluation for admission.

How many clinical hours are required? Is there a specific form needed to verify hours? 

We require a minimum of 200 hours working under the supervision of a certified athletic trainer. There is no specific form necessary for hour verification, typically a signed letter, or spreadsheet, from your supervising athletic trainer(s) is sufficient. This document will be uploaded to the ATCAS application. 

Do I have to take the GRE? What is the minimum score required?

Yes, all applicants must take the GRE. GRE official test score reports are sent to Chapman University and the reporting of your score is a component of your ATCAS application. At this time, we do not have a minimum score required for the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE

What if my prerequisite courses are not completed by the time I submit my application?

All prerequisite courses must be completed by the start of the program at Chapman University.  Many applicants have 1-2 prerequisite courses still in progress, or plan to complete in the spring semester, when the application is submitted to ATCAS. 

What is the starting date of the program?

The program begins in the summer, typically around June 1 of each year. 

When will I be notified if I am officially admitted?

Interviews will take place in mid-January with notifications by early February. 

Should I plan on visiting for an interview?

All interviews are conducted via computer through an online video conference call software similar to Skype. Any prospective student is open to visit the campus but interviews will be conducted online to ensure consistency amongst all applicants.  

Are scholarships available for admitted students? How do I apply?

Yes. Scholarships are available for up to $3,000/year within the program. The process for applying for a scholarship is already built into the ATCAS application to our program. 

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