» BS Health Sciences to MS in Athletic Training

This program allows excellent Health Sciences students consideration in Chapman University’s Master of Science in Athletic Training (MS.AT) as part of the 3+2 accelerated program.  As a cohort–model program, admission into the Master of Science in Athletic Training is highly competitive, limited, and admission is not guaranteed. A 3+2 accelerated route for admission into the MS.AT program allows the undergraduate Health Sciences major to apply to the MS.AT in the fall semester of their junior year. If accepted, students would begin the MS.AT program during the summer between the junior and senior years. Students accepted into the MS.AT program can utilize up to 24 credits from the graduate program to meet undergraduate degree requirements and receive their undergraduate degree in Health Sciences during their first year of the graduate program.

STEP 1: Academic Performance

The following criteria are required for 3+2 accelerated admission:

  • Health Sciences major at Chapman University
  • Minimum of 100 completed undergraduate credits by end of junior year
  • All general education courses completed prior to matriculation
  • All required courses for the Health Science major (with exception of Statistics course requirement)
  • Completion of MS.AT prerequisites by end of junior year (for current list of prerequisites, please visit the MS.AT webpage at www.chapman.edu/athletic-training
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Prerequisite GPA of 3.00 or higher (on a 4.00 scale) with no course grade below a "C".

Please note: 

  • All Health Science major courses must be taken at Chapman University or must be identified as equivalent in the Chapman University/Saddleback College TAG agreement
  • Must be taken for a letter grade
  • Must only be taken once
  • Must be completed by the end of spring semester junior year

STEP 2: Early Admission Declaration and Plan

Due to the accelerated nature of the 3+2 program, it is highly encouraged for interested students to contact their Health Science academic advisor as soon as possible.  The Health Science academic advisor will have a specific 3+2 plan of study (insert web link) to ensure appropriate completion of MS.AT prerequisite courses and Health Science degree requirements. By the end of the freshmen year, students seeking admission into the 3+2 MS.AT program must notify their Health Science academic advisor their intention to apply to the 3+2 program.

Students with questions about the MS.AT program can contact Dr. Jason Bennett

Fall                                                      Interterm                               Spring                                                
BIOL 204/204L (4)                               HSK 101 (1)                            HSK 210/210L (4)
CHEM 140/140L (4)                              GE (3)                                    CHEM 150/150L (4)
MATH 110 (3)                                                                                    MATH 111 (3)           
FFC (3)                                                                                             GE (3)
Total = 14 credits                                Total = 4 credits                      Total = 14 credits
Fall                                                      Interterm                               Spring                                                
PHYS 107/107L (4)                               GE (3)                                     PHYS 108/108L (4)
HSK 365 (3)                                        HSK 105 (1)                             HSK 366/366L (4)
PSY 101 (3)                                                                                       SOC 101 (3)
GE (3)                                                                                               PSY 436 (3)
GE (3)                                                                                                GE (3)                                                
Total = 16 credits                                Total = 4 credits                      Total = 17 credits
Fall                                                     Interterm                               Spring                                                
HSK 420 (3)                                        HSK 320 (3)                              SOC 385 (3)
AHP 301 (3)                                                                                        AHP 350/350L (4)
GE (3)                                                                                                 HSK 492 (3)
GE (3)                                                                                                 GE (3)
GE (3)                                                                                                 GE (3)                                                
Total = 15 credits                                Total = 3 credits                      Total = 16 credits
Year 4 (35 credits)
Summer, Fall, Spring
Begin MS.AT program
BS in HESC degree conferred after fall semester

Year 5 (25 credits)
Summer, Fall, Spring
Complete MS.AT program
Pass BOC certification exam

Note – MATH 203 or PSY 203 (i.e. Statistics) will be substituted with the AT 502 – Research Design & Biostatistics as part of the graduate course requirements. Courses taken for the MS.AT will fulfill the “pre-athletic training area of study” and complete all the requirements for the Health Science degree.
Recommended GE courses:
ENG 205 - Research Based Writing (7WI – Written Inquiry)
SPAN 201H - Intermediate Spanish for Health Professionals (7LC – Language)
PHIL 104 – Introduction to Ethics (7VI – Values & Ethics)

STEP 3: Application and Interview

To be considered for admission, applicants must submit the following:

  • Completed application with the Athletic Training Centralized Application Service (ATCAS) by December 1 of the applicant’s junior year.  Apply Here: https://portal.atcas.org
    Please note that ATCAS requires official transcripts from all colleges attended (including Chapman University) and it is recommended to send transcripts to ATCAS by mid-November to ensure that the application is complete and verified by December 1st.
  • Complete GRE prior to application to ATCAS.
  • Submit documentation showing completion of 120 hours of athletic training observation/experience under the direct supervision of a certified athletic trainer. Observational experiences to be arranged by the student. The MS.AT program will not arrange nor recommend observational sites.
  • Submit 3 letters of recommendation as part of the ATCAS application – one letter must be from a certified athletic trainer that has observed your clinical skills and another must be from a professor/teacher who can describe your academic abilities.
  • Top candidates will be invited to interview with the MS.AT faculty
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