» B.S in Health Sciences to Doctor of Podiatric Medicine at Western University

Chapman University and Western University of Health Sciences, College of Podiatric Medicine (WUCPM) have established a joint program known as CHAPMAN/WUCPM Linkage Program.  The linkage program is designed for Chapman health science majors who wish to become a Western U-College of Podiatric Medicine student.  Students who follow the prescribed requirements and give an outstanding academic performance will be guaranteed a seat in the WUCPM program.

Students attain a B.S. in Health Sciences at Chapman, where they are exposed to in-depth instruction, including:

  • Learning a team approach to health care and a biological-psychological-sociological perspective on understanding health and disease.
  • Participating in a strong internship program in order to experience the various roles health care providers play in addressing health needs
  • Participating in faculty/student research

They then proceed to Western College of Podiatric Medicine, which offers an impressive Doctor of Podiatry including:

  • Internationally renowned Dean, Dr. Lawrence Harkless, leading an expert faculty
  • Clinical training that begins the first year
  • State of the art facilities

Interested in shadowing a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine?

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Admission Guidelines

  • Applications will be accepted from health science majors who have completed their 2nd semester of prerequisite podiatric medicine courses and/or transfer students in their 2nd semester.
  • The health science advisors will evaluate and nominate health science majors with outstanding credentials to the WUCPM Linkage Committee.
  • The health science advisor will submit the following documents to the WUCPM Linkage Committee on behalf of the nominated student:
    • Nominee’s resume
    • Letter of recommendation from Director of Pre-Health Advising
    • Two letters from science or math faculty
    • Official transcripts
    • Nominee’s personal statement
  • The WUCPM Linkage Committee will evaluate each nominee and invite selected applicants to interview at Western University and be presented to the CPM Admissions Committee, where a decision of acceptance to the linkage program will be made. 
  • Western University will determine the final acceptance to the College of Podiatric Medicine program as outlined in the Admissions Requirements section below.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the program is competitive so you should strive to not only meet, but exceed the minimum requirements.

  • B.S. in Health Science degree from Chapman University
  • Cumulative GPA > 3.0
  • Science coursework GPA > 3.0
  • A total of 22 on the Medical College Assessments Tests (MCAT) [external link: http://www.aamc.org/students/mcat/ ] with no score lower than a 7 and a minimum of “M” on written section.
  • Supportive letters of reference from the Health Science Advisor, one additional science faculty member and one podiatric physician and surgeon.
  • Completed AACPMAS [external link: http://www.aacpm.org/apply/apply.asp] ]primary application no later than January of the year of intended matriculation at WUCPM.
  • A disciplinary record entirely free of felony convictions or a proven violation of a standard of student conduct as defined by section 41301 of Title V.
  • 30 hours of shadowing a D.P.M. physician and surgeon, as arranged in cooperation with WUCPM.
  • A successful interview at WUCPM.
  • Submission of secondary application materials as requested by WUCPM.

Final acceptance will be made by the WUCPM Admissions Committee after the student’s MCAT scores are received by WUCPM’s Admissions Office. Upon receipt of acceptance, candidates have two weeks in which to notify WUCPM of intent to enroll.

Visit the Western University of Health Sciences, College of Podiatric Medicine website.

What is Podiatric Medicine?

Podiatric Medicine involves studying the overall health of the foot, ankle, and lower leg and involves conditions that are dermatological, neurological, vascular, and musculoskeletal in nature.  Find more information at Western University.

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