» Why Choose Dance As A Major?

Dancers outstretched

There are a wide variety of careers available to graduates of the Department of Dance.  Graduates may find employment with dance companies, university dance departments, professional performing arts organizations, dance studios, public schools, talent agencies, and community centers, to name a few.  Dance majors may go on to become not just performers, teachers and choreographers but body work practitioners, dance movement therapists, movement analysts, physical therapists, athletic trainers, dance historians and many other occupations.

“I am big on dancers going to college. If they want to be professional dancers they should go to a school with a strong dance department. They can learn a lot there – they have access to classes about production, lighting, costumes, acting, dance history, and film, in addition to usually having state-of-the-art dance studios and equipment. College may not breed a better dancer, but usually it breeds a better person, which in turn breeds someone who is more likely to have a bigger world view, which makes him or her more prepared for a dance career.” -- Julie McDonald, McDonald Selznick Associates

From Chantal Gagnon, Department of Dance alumnus 2007:

"When people think about training or majoring in dance, most think it is a preparation for a career in dance performance, choreography or teaching.  It is true that studying dance does open the door to many opportunities in these areas; however, there are many other careers that dance can prepare one for...Dance shapes people, giving them essential skills for all areas of life.  Time management, discipline, motivation, dealing with challenges and rejection, persistence, communication skills, teamwork, confidence and creativity are just a few character-building traits that dance can give someone".