» Student Advisory Board and Peer Mentors

The School of Communication Student Advisory Board is a collaborative resource designed to empower students by serving as the voice to the administration, representing the School of Communication to various constituencies, and offering peer mentorship to enhance the student experience within the School of Communication.

All School of Communication students are welcome to apply for a position on our Student Advisory Board. The application period opens in the fall. If you have any questions, please email Dr. Andrea Weber.

Below are your Student Advisory Board members and peer mentors. They are here to get your feedback and provide support as fellow students. Feel free to reach out to one of the members below with questions about or suggestions for improving your experience in the School of Communication.

photo of Gaurav  Chintamneedi '24

Gaurav Chintamneedi '24

Major(s): Strategic & Corporate Communication and Political Science
Minor: Leadership Studies
Hometown: San Diego, California
Gaurav's interests include getting involved in multiple on-campus organizations, checking out different restaurants in the Circle, watching Indian films, and analyzing Cricket Matches. Gaurav hopes to pursue a career in media for international films, publicity, or get a job as a communication specialist for a big corporation. A fun fact about Gaurav is that he got to meet S.S Rajamouli, the director of the global acclaimed film, RRR.
photo of Amanda

Amanda Dornsife '25

School of Communication Senator
Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Danville, CA
Amanda is a Communication Studies major with minors in Disability Studies and Psychology. Amanda loves to travel, spend quality time with friends and family, take her dog on walks, and try new vegan foods. A fun fact about Amanda is that she took part in an exchange semester in Bogota, Colombia, during her sophomore year of high school.
photo of Chelsea Falcocchia '26

Chelsea Falcocchia '26

Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: San Jose, California
Chelsea's interests include listening to Harry Styles, spending time with her older sister, watching Disney movies, and going to the beach. A fun fact about Chelsea is that sunflowers are her favorite flowers. Although she is unsure exactly what career she would like to pursue, she knows she wants to explore something related to social media and marketing!
photo of Avery  Grant '26

Avery Grant '26

Major: Communication Studies
Minor: Creative and Cultural Industries
Hometown: Sausalito, CA
Avery hopes to one day work in Disney's communication department or have a career in event planning. Her interests include reading, dancing, hiking, traveling, going to Disneyland, and listening to Taylor Swift. A fun fact about Avery is that she has traveled to 19 countries.
photo of Chloe Hataishi '26

Chloe Hataishi '26

Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Irvine - CA
Chloe's interests include watching movies, shopping, trying new food, and spending time with friends and family, A fun fact about Chloe is that she did both competitive dance and was a member of her high school dance team. Chloe's career goals include finding a job that interests her and helps her develop new skills.
photo of Brianna Jones '26

Brianna Jones '26

Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Brianna is very passionate about both photography and journalism, and hopes to pursue a media related job in these fields. A fun fact about her is that she is an avid animal lover and actually used to work at a doggy daycare!
photo of Francesca

Francesca Stover ’25

Global Communication and World Languages
Language Track: Japanese
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Francesca is a global communication major learning Japanese. She loves the beach and Southern California. A fun fact about her is that she lived in Japan for seven years.
photo of Allie Zlotky '26

Allie Zlotky '26

Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Allie enjoys spending time with her friends, exploring new places, and going to the beach. A fun fact about her is that she is a twin.

Student Advisory Board Alumni

photo of Khiry Carter '21

Khiry Carter '21

Major: Communication Studies
Minor: Leadership
Hometown: Tampa, FL
photo of Shreya Chhagan '22

Shreya Chhagan '22

Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Tustin, CA
Shreya loves to hike, travel, spend time with family, and try new food places. A fun fact about Shreya is that she does not have the same last name as her parents.
photo of Sarah Downey '20 (M.S. '22)

Sarah Downey '20 (M.S. '22)

B.A. Strategic and Corporate Communication
M.S. Health and Strategic Communication
Hometown: Anaheim, CA
Sarah is a local commuter student who hopes to become a research professor in the communication field. She enjoys spending time with her family, acting, boating, going to Disneyland, research, dancing, and dogs. A fun fact about Sarah is that she has donated over five feet of hair!
photo of Danny Gaitan '22

Danny Gaitan '22

Major: Strategic Communication Studies
Minor: Political Science
Hometown: Lake Forest, CA
Danny was born and raised in Orange County, and he now resides in Long Beach, Ca. Danny hopes to continue the work with non-profits, philanthropy, and government relations. Personally, Danny loves spending time with his puppy, kitten, boyfriend, and family. He also enjoys performing in shows, running, and planning. A fun fact about Danny is he went sky diving off the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.
photo of Meredith  Granmayeh '23

Meredith Granmayeh '23

Major: Communication Studies and Creative Writing
Minor: Honors
Hometown: Houston, TX
Meredith hopes to become a professional writer in the future. She loves to read, write, spend time with her cat, and travel. A fun fact about her is that she lived overseas for ten years, moving to and from the countries of Scotland, Qatar, and Russia.
photo of Sawyer Kelly '23

Sawyer Kelly '23

Majors: Communication Studies and English Literature
Hometown: Half Moon Bay, CA
Sawyer is passionate about both literature and language. She teaches dance classes at her former middle school and enjoys photography, drawing, and attempting to recreate elaborate Pinterest baking ideas. A fun fact about her is that she is a self-proclaimed caffeine addict and her go-to coffee order is an iced caramel macchiato!
photo of Brittney Kuhn '23

Brittney Kuhn '23

Brittney is a graduate student in the 4+1 MS program for Health and Strategic Communication. Britney transferred to Chapman her junior year and has been highly involved on campus ever since.
photo of Christine Lim '23

Christine Lim '23

Major: Strategic and Corporate Communication
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Christine grew up in Toronto, Canada and hopes to work for a media company in brand management upon graduation. She enjoys painting, dancing, and creative writing. A fun fact about Christine is that she loves pineapples on pizza.
photo of Steele Viverette '22

Steele Viverette '22

Majors: Global Communication (French) and Political Science
Hometown: Richmond Virginia

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