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The School of Communication Student Advisory Board is a collaborative resource designed to empower students by serving as the voice to the administration, representing the School of Communication to various constituencies, and offering peer mentorship to enhance the student experience within the School of Communication.

All School of Communication students are welcome to apply for a position on our Student Advisory Board. The application period opens in the fall. If you have any questions, please email Dr. Andrea Weber.

Student Advisory Board Members

Meet your Student Advisory Board members. They are here to get your feedback and provide support as peer mentors. Feel free to reach out to one of the members below with questions about or suggestions for improving your experience in the School of Communication.

photo of Sarah Downey '20 (M.S. '21)

Sarah Downey '20 (M.S. '21)

B.A. Strategic and Corporate Communication
M.S. Health and Strategic Communication
Hometown: Anaheim, CA
Sarah is a local commuter student who hopes to become a research professor in the communication field. She enjoys spending time with her family, acting, boating, going to Disneyland, research, dancing, and dogs. A fun fact about Sarah is that she has donated over five feet of hair!
photo of Sofia Fernandez '22

Sofia Fernandez '22

Major: Communication Studies
Minor: Entrepreneurship
Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA
Sofia is a first-generation college student who hopes to work for a media/publishing company or go into marketing or public relations upon graduation. She enjoys traveling with herfamily, writing, reading, doing yoga and working out, exploring DTLA and Southern California, doing community service, and watching documentaries. A fun fact about Sofia is that she read 50 books in 2019!
photo of Matthew Ghan '20

Matthew Ghan '20

Major: Communication Studies
Minor: Leadership
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Matt is a senior looking to work as a non-profit executive in Jewish engagement. He enjoys cooking and was born with 6 toes!
photo of Christine Lim '23

Christine Lim '23

Major: Strategic and Corporate Communication
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Christine grew up in Toronto, Canada and hopes to work for a media company in brand management upon graduation. She enjoys painting, dancing, and creative writing. A fun fact about Christine is that she loves pineapples on pizza.
photo of Lisa Matsui '21

Lisa Matsui '21

Major: Global Communication and World Languages (Japanese)
Minor: Public Relations
Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Lisa is a bilingual Global Communication major using her Japanese language emphasis as a way to integrate her Japanese heritage into her studies. Her goal is to go into event production after graduation. She enjoys dancing, hiking, baking, and panting. A fun fact about Lisa is that, through her major, she was able to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan for a semester!
photo of Colleen Penaluna '20

Colleen Penaluna '20

Major: Communication Studies
Minor: Political Science
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Colleen is a senior looking to go into non-profit management upon graduation. She enjoys dogs, hiking, reading, politics, and coffee. A fun fact about Colleen is that she has visited all 50 states in the US.
photo of Dylan Wen '21

Dylan Wen '21

Major: Communication Studies
Minor: Image Text Interface
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Dylan is minoring in image text interface and enjoys gaming, writing, and traveling. So, it is no surprise that his career goals are to write video games and do marketing and PR. A fun fact about Dylan is that he once met Stan Lee!
photo of Cesar Zuniga '19

Cesar Zuniga '19

B.A. Communication Studies with an interdisciplinary cluster in Business and Economics
M.S. Health and Strategic Communication
Hometown: Anaheim, CA
Cesar is an Orange County native who hopes to work in PR after graduation. He enjoys traveling, hiking, music, and photoshoots with friends. Cesar's guilty pleasure? Disneyland churros.

Questions about your major?

If you have questions about your classes or major, please contact one of our program advisors.

Dr. Andrea Weber

Dr. Arleen Bejerano
(714) 516-5342

Mr. Travis Bartosh
(714) 516-5330