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The Department of Communication Studies offers students a number of organizations and competition-oriented activities that enhance learning, allow for networking, and provide social interactions with faculty and each other outside the classroom. Check them out below!

+ - Chapman Radio

Chapman RadioCHAPMAN RADIO gives students hands-on experience in the operation of a radio station that broadcasts on campus and online.  Students can even host their own show! Work with Chapman Radio and gain real-world experience: technical training, on-air procedures, understanding and complying with FCC regulations, promotions and marketing, studio and live engineering, web development and industry communications. For more information, please contact sparks@chapman.edu.

+ - Toastmasters Club

Toastmasters Club is a Chapter of Toastmasters International at Chapman University. The purpose of the club is to provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth. For more information contact Dr. Michelle Miller-Day at millerda@chapman.edu or, the Club President, Kristina Lamb at lamb121@mail.chapman.edu.

+ - Meta-Communicate: Undergraduate Research E-Journal

Meta-Communicate have you written a research paper that you are proud of and wish you could publish it somewhere? Now you can! You can submit your original research papers to Meta-communicate, the Communication Studies Department's undergraduate research e-journal.

The editorial board is looking for empirically-based original research papers that you and/or a group have written. 

Editorial Board for 2014-2015

Senior Editors: Jasmine Hu, Lindsay Robb
Editors: Katherine Lai, Alekxa Rollins, Catherine Yoon, Lingyi Zhu
Faculty Advisor: Dr. & Professor Wenshan Jia

This is a very special opportunity. Having a paper published is a great resume builder and companies LOVE to hear about published research. Being a published author will put you ahead of others whether it be for a job or graduate school. By submitting your paper to Meta-communicate, you will be distinguished among your peers, not only in the Communication Studies Department but at Chapman, as well!

When you submit your paper to Meta-communicate, the editorial board will read and edit your paper and you will be notified if the paper is accepted.

Also, please look at the latest edition of Meta-communicate (the latest issue will be under "current")

+ - Lambda Pi Eta

Lambda Pi Eta LogoLambda Pi Eta is the Communication Studies Honors Society. As a member of Lambda Pi Eta, you will have the opportunity to gain leadership skills, resume material, and insight into the realm of Communication academically, professionally, and personally. 

Please contact faculty advisor Dr. Bejerano for more information.

Download application.

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