» Ph.D. and Doctorate Room Reservation Request Form

Before completing this form, please note:

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your committee is in agreement with this time and date prior to your request to reserve space.
  • You must have concurrence from the chair of your committee
  • You are discouraged from rearranging the room to your liking.
  • Please contact Helen Sahli, sahli@chapman.edu if you desire a different format at least 2 weeks prior to your event so that arrangements can be made.
  • See Tips for the use of technology/devices in the room. Please be sure to request access to view the room prior to your event by contacting:
    LaNesha Kemp, kemp@chapman.edu (714) 744-2150
    Mac users must bring an adaptor
  • Becket Conference Room is located at 303 W. Palm Avenue, on the first floor - Room 102

Other opportunities to secure meeting space may be found at Leatherby Libraries’ Room Booking site

Organizer's Contact Information:
* Purpose of Room Request:

Date Requested:

30 minutes before and after your time requested will be extended for the purpose of preparation and recovery.


Additional Documents You May Need

Below are optional, related documents that you may still need to review or complete. They are Adobe PDF format. Send any of these completed forms to Lanesha Kemp at kemp@chapman.edu.