» Sustainable Transportation: Incentives

Chapman University offers students, faculty, and staff a number of incentives in exchange for using more sustainable commuting options. Small changes can have significant impacts on our contribution to air pollution and lessen our collective use of limited resources. Chapman University wishes to encourage this behavior and offers a variety of incentives, discounts and rewards that will make it worth your while to explore these options!

+ - Human Resources Rideshare Incentives

picture of a buildingThe Human Resources Department offers several Rideshare programs aimed at saving you money AND reducing your carbon footprint. Whether you are looking for a carpooling group or public transportation options, or maybe you plan on going car-free, Chapman wants to reward you for it. 

View the Human Resources Incentives programs

+ - Bike Voucher Program

bikesThe Bike Voucher Program is offered to current Chapman students, faculty, and staff who meet the eligibility requirements. It is perfect for those who live close to campus and do not wish to use a motor vehicle as their primary mode of transportation to and from the university. Learn more about the joining the Bike Voucher Program

+ - Bicycle Parking

map of bicycle parkingBike racks are set up outside nearly every building on campus and all the on-campus housing. This map indicates the locations of these racks. Don't forget to lock up your bike! Racks are continually being added to accommodate the growing number of Chapman community members cycling to campus as an alternative sustainable transportation method. 


+ - Beeline Bikes Services

beeline bikes

Beeline Bikes Mobile Bike Shop is a company that has partnered with Chapman University to provide a wide range of services to students, staff, and faculty. They will be offering consultations, tune-ups, repairs, parts, and more. Members of the Chapman community can sign-up for Beeline Bike's services and find out more information about the company and their pricing at Beeline Bikes.

+ - Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

car plugged in Chapman University currently offers electric vehicle charging. In order  to utilize these chargers you must create an account with Chargepoint.  To set up an account, follow the directions below.

 Sign up to get a free card: If you aren't a member, sign up.

 Activate your card: When your card arrives by mail, just log in, go to  My Account, and follow the instructions under Set Up ChargePoint card.  You can also get more help with ChargePoint cards.

 Download the mobile app to start charging now: Get the mobile application.

 Find the station nearest you: Just use your ChargePoint mobile app when you're on the go or view our online map of charging stations.

 Charging your electric vehicle:Found a charging spot? Great. Tap your ChargePoint card over the reader symbol, press  the handle button to remove the charging connector, and simply plug in. After you're done, tap your card to end the  session, then unplug the connector and return it to the station. You can also sign up and start a session all from the  ChargePoint mobile app.

 Questions? Watch Charging On the Go

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