» Sustainable Transportation: Incentives

Chapman University offers students, faculty, and staff a number of incentives in exchange for using more sustainable commuting options. Small changes can have significant impacts on our contribution to air pollution and the use of limited resources. Chapman University wishes to encourage this behavior and offers a variety of incentives, discounts and rewards that will make it worth your while to explore these options!

+ - Sustainability Department Bike Voucher Program

bikesThe Bike Voucher Program is offered to current Chapman students, faculty, and staff who meet the eligibility requirements. It is perfect for those who live close to campus who do not wish to use a motor vehicle as their primary mode of transportation to and from the university. The 2014-2015 school year marked the inaugural year of the Bike Voucher Program. Learn more about how you can be a part of it for the 2015-2016 school year!

+ - Human Resources Rideshare Incentives

picture of a buildingChapman's Human Resources Department offers several programs that are aimed at saving you money as well as reducing our carbon footprint. Their unique programs are easy to apply for and are very helpful in reducing the cost of sustainable transport. Whether you are looking into carpooling or public transportation, or maybe no motor vehicle at all, Chapman wants to reward you for it. Click the link below to see a summary of all the incentives offered by Human Resources, or contact Human Resources directly using the contact information on the left hand side of the page.

Learn more and see if you would like to be a part of any of the Human Resources Incentives programs.

+ - Bicycle Parking

map of bicycle parkingSeveral bicycle racks are set up outside nearly every building on campus and all the on-campus housing. This map indicates the locations of these racks. Don't forget to lock up your bike! Racks are continually being added to accommodate a growing number of Chapman community members engaging in bicycle-riding as an alternative sustainable transportation method. Not shown on the map is bicycle parking outside the following buildings:

  • Partridge Dance Center
  • 633 W Palm
  • Dodge College of Film and Media Arts
  • The Dale E. Fowler School of Law (Kennedy Hall)
  • Bhathal Student Services Center
  • Von Neumann Hall
  • Crean Hall

+ - Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

car plugged inChapman University currently has 8 electric vehicle charging stations on our Orange campus. The GE WattStation charging units found in Lastinger, Barrera, West Campus, and Miller Parking Structures and the Knott Studios Parking Lot are the very first stations of their kind to be installed on a college campus in America!

Using the WattStation Connect Website users can see which stations are available, make reservations online, receive alerts when their car has finished charging, and track their own consumption. Better yet, they can do it all from their smart phone through the WattStation Connect App available in both iTunes and the Android Marketplace.

These stations are completely free to use and are open to use by the Orange community and the public!

Rinker Campus - Vehicles can charge for up to 3 hours and then must be relocated to another space to allow for as many users as possible to access the EV spaces.

+ - Beeline Bikes Services

beeline bikesBeeline Bikes Mobile Bike Shop is a company that has partnered with Chapman University to provide a wide range of services to students, staff, and faculty. They will be offering consultations, tune-ups, repairs, parts, and more. Members of the Chapman community can sign-up for Beeline Bike's services and find out more information about the company and their pricing on their website

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