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Talking Trash

Chapman University makes every effort to reduce the waste generated on our campus, but we need the participation of everyone on campus to meet our waste reduction goals. You can help by remembering the 5 R's of Waste Management! Refuse: Saying no to something you don't need or are are just going to throw away is the best way to reduce the waste you create (i.e. do you really need another freebie from a company?) Reduce: Keep your old smart phone just a little longer even though you are ready for an upgrade and avoid non-essential purchases Reuse: Glass jars that once held pickles make a great container for that salad your packing for lunch! Rot: Composting is a great way to keep methane producing food waste out of landfills and will give you rich soil for your flower and vegetable gardens. Recycle: As a last resort, make sure that anything not covered by the options above makes it into the recycling bin.