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drinking fountainBeginning in 2012, Chapman University has installed numerous water bottle refilling stations across the campus. These stations, known as EZH2O Bottle Filling Stations by Elkay, are designed specifically to allow for water bottles of virtually any size to be refilled with ease. The water comes out fresh, cold and filtered. Each station has a sensor that detects the water bottle placed on the station and begins releasing the water, without requiring any buttons to be pushed. A fill-counter on each station can be seen that displays the number of plastic water bottles that have been saved by using refillable water bottles. This number increases as you are filling up your reusable water bottle! There are currently 17 stations located throughout the campus, student housing, and Panther Village. Four stations were added this past summer in 2014. These new stations can be found on the first floor of Leatherby Libraries (pictured left), the first floor of Argyros Forum, and the first and second floors of Beckman Hall.

For specifications regarding the on-campus locations, see below.

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Visit the Elkay website for even more information on the refilling stations.

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  • California's Drought
  • About Our Water Use
  • Locations of water-filling stationsThere are currently water filling stations located in the following places:

    • Leatherby Libraries- 1st Floor
    • Argyros Forum- 1st and 2nd floors
    • Hutton Sports Center- Men's and Women's locker rooms
    • Partridge Dance Center
    • Outside the Julianne Argyros Fitness Center and Wilson Field
    • Hashinger Science Center
    • Doti Hall
    • Moulton Hall
    • Bertea Hall
    • Entertainment Technology Center (Digital Media Arts Center)
    • Beckman Hall- 1st and 2nd floors
    • Henley Hall- Basement (not shown on map)
    • Davis Community Center (not shown on map)
    • Panther Village (not shown on map)
  • poolThe state of California is currently in the midst of the most severe drought on record. Rainfall is at an all-time low and has continually failed to reach the average monthly amount, for the past several years. Read more about this drought and what you can do to lessen water waste on our California's Drought page.

  • recycling symbolIn both the 2013 and 2014 Environmental Audits for Chapman's campus, written by the graduating classes of the Environmental Science and Policy Program, an entire chapter is dedicated to the university's water practices and features. The 2014 Environmental Audit, in particular, explains the details of the water bottle refilling stations and provides data regarding the use of the stations, at each current location. Chapman University utilizes these findings and their recommendations to constantly make improvements.

    Find the full 2014 Environmental Audit here.

    Find the full 2013 Environmental Audit here.

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