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The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) accepts applications requesting funding for a sustainability project. Chapman's Faculty Sustainability Committee reviews all applications and selects fund recipients based on how well their proposal reflects the goals of TGIF. Applications must meet certain criteria and guidelines, which can be found below. The applications for funding are due on a monthly basis, so new projects and ideas are always welcomed. 

The projects to be funded are selected by the Sustainability Committee, composed of staff, faculty and students as well as a Student Government Association representative. This committee reviews each application and selects recipients based on how well their proposal reflects the goals of TGIF.

In addition, the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program here at Chapman helps fund TGIF. CSA is a program that connects subscribers to a local farm that delivers organic, seasonal produce to the Chapman campus. For each box purchased, 10% of the profit is donated to TGIF. Learn more about CSA on our Get Involved page. The following video provides a short introduction to the Green Initiative Fund.

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Applying for a Grant

Before applying, make sure your project idea meets the minimum requirements. To be considered for TGIF funding, applications must:

  1. Demonstrate consideration of the economic, environmental, and social dimensions of sustainability

  2. Outline clearly-defined and measurable outcomes

  3. Be written and coordinated by a Chapman student, staff, or faculty member

  4. Include approval by appropriate campus officials

  5. Include a detailed plan to accomplish the project within the academic year in which it is approved

In addition, priority will be given to project ideas that meet the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrate inexpensive approaches to achieving a higher level of sustainability performance

  2. Are able to repay TGIF, even if such repayment would not be mandatory

  3. Can obtain matching funds from another source

Applications for TGIF can be found and submitted on OrgSync, under the Civic Engagement group's "Forms".

Example Projects

One example of a major project that received TGIF funding is the Big Belly Solar Trash Compactors, pictured below. These units can be seen all around campus and the residence hall area. To read more about the Big Belly's, visit our Waste Management page. The following are some more examples of ways that TGIF funding can be spent.

  • trash cansPurchase smart strips to reduce your department’s energy consumption

  • Purchase organic apparel for a department or student organization

  • Fund materials for a department or organization training on sustainable practices

  • Fund a campus-wide awareness campaign

  • Reduce event waste by implementing a large-scale bottle recycling drive

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