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Ensuring Sodexo provides sustainable options for all Chapman students to enjoy is important as the University continues to grow and accumulate a diverse student population. Chapman’s retail locations needs to ensure that Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow guidelines are implemented to ensure consistent labeling and ingredient transparency. Promoting sustainable diets benefits not only the individual, but valuable resources that our earth cannot infinitely supply for us. For more information, refer to Chapter 6 of the 2016 Environmental Audit, written by Olivia Diaz
  • Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow Plan
  • The Cost of Not Dining on Campus
  • The following are the Better Tomorrow Guidelines, last updated in 2014 as new are not yet available (Figure 1). Sodexo has already performed beyond the Better Tomorrow standards at other universities. Acadia University, a small private university in Canada consisting of 3,500 students, saved $600,000 through local sourcing and changes in facility practices. Sodexo has helped Northwestern University achieve the “Most Vegan Friendly College in America” award in 2010 among 29 other Sodexo campus’. It is not out of reach for Chapman University to attain a sustainable variety of foods for both vegans and vegetarians to can enjoy. 

    sodexo's better tomorrow

    Figure 1: Sodexo's Better Tomorrow Plan Commitments


  • While Sodexo strives to provide sustainable options on campus, only 9% of students from the 2016 Environmental Science Survey stated that they never go off campus to eat. What drives students off campus? Better options, price or food type? The results were found in Figure 2. What many people may not consider is the carbon footprint leaving campus for other options. It may only take fifteen minutes to make it to In and Out and back, but is time the only negative variable?

    It was concluded that students driving the average car with 25.5mpg, only going off campus once a week would produce 8,244 pounds of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. This is one single week of choices on campus, one entire semester would result in 123,660 pounds of carbon dioxide released into our environment. It goes without saying that every choice made not only affects your body but how long students may have the privilege to continue to drive to a variety of restaurant. 91% of student respondents from the 2016 survey stated that they ate of campus at least once a week. 

    students choosing off campus

    Figure 2. Percentage of students who choose off campus options opposed to on campus. n=463