Front of the Argyros Forum building on Chapman Campus
2015 Environmental Audit

» LEED EBOM analysis of Argyros Forum

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Argyros Forum is the central of Chapman’s main campus culture. This chapter looked at the buildings potential to becoming a LEED EBOM certified building. By taking a step forward and pursuing green building certification for Argyros Forum, Chapman would demonstrate its commitment to the sustainability policy. Through analysis of Argyros Forum, several changes can be made to create a more environmentally sustainable building.

  • One key recommendation is that Chapman needs to conduct a thorough lighting retrofit for AF. Findings suggest that many lighting fixtures are inefficiently used.
  • Another major recommendation is that Argyros Forum and Chapman University as a whole should implement a sustainable purchasing policy. 

Read more recommendations for LEED EBOM certification at Chapman in Chapter 2 of the audit, written by Nate Vorapharuek.

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