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+ - Policy

Chapman University's fleet consists of ten (8) person capacity vans. Described in this policy are the requirements, regulations and steps to take to reserve and use a university vehicle.

Vehicles shall be used for official university business only. No personal use is permitted.


  1. There is a $25.00/day or .40 cents per mile user fee, whichever is greater.
  2. University vehicle are required to be returned with a full tank of gas, or if the tank is not full when the vehicle is received, to replace the gas that is used. A fee of $10 per gallon will be charged for all vehicles returned without a full tank of gas or without the gas being replaced.
  3. Departments returning vehicles without cleaning out excessive dirt and trash; or that violate the no food and/or drink policy will be charged a $50 cleaning fee.
  4. Departments using university vehicles are responsible for any necessary repairs due to damage that occurred during operation.


  1. Vehicles may only be used for official university business. Personal use is prohibited and will result in denial of insurance benefits should an accident occur.
  2. All drivers must be authorized to drive university vehicles.
  3. Driving, operating, or using a university vehicle by anyone who has consumed or ingested alcohol, any controlled or illegal substance, or drug that impairs driving ability, is strictly prohibited.
  4. The possession of alcoholic beverages, firearms, or illegal drugs is prohibited inside university vehicles.
  5. Seat belts must be worn at all times by all occupants.
  6. The use of cell phones or personal listening devices while driving is prohibited.
  7. The use of tobacco in any form is prohibited in university vehicles.
  8. Cleats are not permitted to be worn in university vehicles.
  9. Food and/or beverages other than water are not permitted to be consumed in university vehicles.
  10. Trash, debris and personal belongings are to be removed at the conclusion of each trip. Also, windows must be closed, doors locked and lights off when the vehicle is not in operation. Failure to do so may result in a fine.
  11. Drivers must obey all local and state traffic rules, laws and regulations at all times. Chapman University will not be responsible for any moving violations or parking citations received by the driver.
  12. No animal or pet may occupy a university vehicle without authorization.
  13. Seats may not be removed from university vehicles.

Other Information

Supervisor, Parking and Transportation Services (714) 997-6560 Public Safety (714) 997-6763

+ - Forms and Authorization

Vehicle Request Form

All departments/persons who wish to use a campus vehicle must submit a Vehicle Request Form to Transportation Services for vehicle scheduling and confirmation of the reservation. (The Transportation Services Office can be contacted at Public safety, ext. 6560.)

It takes a minimum of two working days to process driver authorization requests for new drivers; each new driver must be cleared and authorized to drive University Vehicles. If you are not sure whether a driver has been cleared or not, contact the Transportation Coordinator at ext. 6560.

In order to clear a new driver the individual seeking clearance must complete a California Employer Pull Notice Addition Form or an Out of State Employer Pull Notice Addition Form, whichever is applicable, and submit it to Transporation Services for processing.  There is a fee to process each request for authorization and the budget number must be listed on the form before it can be processed.  Once the form is processed, the individual will be notified whether he or she is cleared or not cleared to drive University Vehicles.  Individuals seeking authorization to drive and are receiving monetary compensation from the university for their services, must possess a California Drivers License in order to be processed to drive.

The Vehicle Request Form is divided into three sections.

  1. The top part of the form requests the date, department name, and phone ext. and contact person.
  2. The middle part of the form includes all the detailed information to process the vehicle request. The information needed is described as follows:
    1. Dates Needed. Include the dates that the vehicle will be required. Please note that campus vehicles normally will not be issued for more than three days.
    2. Time Needed. Include the time that the vehicle will be required.
    3. No. of Passengers. List the total number of passengers including the driver.
    4. No. of Vehicles Needed. List the total number of vans requested.
    5. Destination. Indicate the trip destination.
    6. Driver Information. All individuals who will be driving must list their name, date of birth and driver's license number. Only those individuals listed at the time of the request will be authorized to drive unless the Transportation Coordinator is contacted prior to departure.
    7. Department Number. The department budget number will be indicated on this line. Any charges incurred will be billed to this number.
    8. Department Head Name. Print full name of department head.
    9. Department Head Signature. No vehicle will be checked-out without the signature of the Department Head. By signing this form the department head assumes responsibility for any damages or charges that are incurred by the group using the vehicle.
  3. The bottom portion of the form is used by Transportation to record the date the request was received, whether approved or denied and vehicle assigned. Once the form has been received and processing has begun, Transportation Services will contact the requestor either by mail or by phone to confirm whether a vehicle is or is not available on the days that were requested. If for some reason the vehicle will not be needed, a 24 hour notice of cancellation is requested to allow for maximum usage of all vehicles.

Vehicle Trip Report Form

A Vehicle Trip Report Form will be given to the driver with the vehicle keys on the day the vehicle is taken. The driver will return this form with the keys on the day that the vehicle is returned.

The form will be filled out as follows:

  1. Date. The date the vehicle is being used will be written on this line.
  2. Vehicle. The ID number for the assigned vehicle will be written here.
  3. Driver. The persons authorized to drive the vehicle will be written here.
  4. Department Name/No. The department responsible will be written here.
  5. Destination. Write down the vehicle destination.
  6. Beginning Mileage. Write down the starting mileage of the vehicle. The starting mileage will be verified by the Transportation coordinator.
  7. Ending Mileage. Write down the vehicle mileage at the time the vehicle is returned. The ending mileage will be verified by the Transportation coordinator.
  8. Pre-trip and Post-trip Safety Inspection. The driver is responsible for completing the inspection which includes checking lights, brakes, horn, windshield wipers, mirrors, tires, body damage, cleanliness and fuel level.
  9. Remarks. List any damages that were incurred while operating the vehicle or any other information you would like to relay to the Transportation Coordinator.
  10. Fuel Purchase. List the amount of gallons of gasoline purchased and the cost.
  11. Driver's Signature. The driver must sign the form before returning it with the keys.

The vehicle key, Vehicle Trip Report Form and Trip Manifest Form will be picked up and returned to the Public safety office.  ID is required at the time of vehicle pickup.   The Trip Manifest Form must be completed and left with Public Safety prior to leaving campus.  Should an accident occur it is important that the university knows exactly who is in the vehicle.  Failure to submit a Trip Manifest Form prior to leaving campus can result in future denial of use of university vehicles.

All vehicles must be returned to their designated parking spaces either behind the Bhathal Student Services Building and the Law School, or in the lower level of the Lastinger Structure by the evening of the day the vehicle was reserved, not the next morning. The only exemption is for those vehicles checked out for trips that require an overnight stay at the place of destination. Vehicles are to be returned to the numbered space that corresponds to the van number.

+ - Emergency Services

  1. If a mechanical problem should arise after the vehicle has been checked out and is enroute or returning from a scheduled trip destination, contact the Transportation Supervisor at (714) 997-6560 (or Public safety at (714) 997-6763 if after hours). You must receive authorization from the Transportation Department prior to any purchases for repairs to a university vehicle. If the vehicle is unable to be driven, the department using the van would be responsible for transporting the passengers back to the university.
  2. If an accident occurs enroute or returning from a scheduled trip destination, contact Public safety at (714) 997-6763 and follow the instructions listed in the Accident Kit provided in the vehicle. 

A Driver's Accident Information Kit is located with the vehicle registration in the glove box. Please refer to the Driver's Accident Information Kit for instructions on "What to do in Case of an Accident". Follow these instructions and be sure to complete the checklist at the scene of the accident to record key information about the accident. The department using the vehicle at the time of the accident is responsible for providing transportation back to the university for all passengers. The department responsible for the vehicle at the time an accident occurs is responsible for damage to the vehicle. If a claim is made against Chapman University's insurance carrier, the responsible department will be charged for the deductible. The deductible amount is $1,000.00. If the damage amount is less than $1,000.00, the department responsible for the damage will pay the full amount of the cost of repairs.

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