Event Planning Guide

» 6. Risk Management

It is important to be mindful of safety and security needs when planning an event.  

  • To begin the risk management process, review the Activity Risk chart in the Activity Risk Assessment Manual to see a representative sampling of various types of activities and their risk levels.  Review the low, medium, high or extra high criteria to determine the minimum requirements associated with your plans.  

**This list is not all inclusive of the various risks that you may encounter.  If your activity is not represented on the chart, contact Risk Management to identify requirements for your event.

  • Complete the Risk Assessment Questionnaire in the Activity Risk Assessment Manual. Recognized student organizations should submit this form to the Department of Student & Campus Life for initial review.

  • Risk Management will work with event planners to answer risk management questions and ensure all necessary precautions are taken to minimize risk at your event, including confirmation of adequate activity/event insurance coverage or facilitation of appropriate liability. 

Note: If your event includes more than one activity, your assessment must be based on the one single activity that bears the highest level of risk. 

Click below for the following resources:

Risk Management Resource Materials

  • Waiver Forms

  • Activity Risk Assessment Form

  • Certificate of Insurance Request Form

  • Special Events Insurance - TULIP Program

  • Glossary of Insurance Terms

  • COI: Indemnity and Insurance Requirements

  • Insurance and Certificate of Insurance Training 

  •  International Travel Medical Assistance Enrollment Form


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Risk Management
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