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We invite you to promote your upcoming event or announcement in our weekly newsletters. These events will make their way into our “Announcements and Events” newsletter on Thursdays, and potentially in our Monday “News & Stories” email. Your event or announcement may even become a story in our newsroom.

To partner with you effectively, please submit your request in advance or by noon on Wednesday.

Tips and Tricks:

  • It’s a great idea to include a link in your eblast submission so that readers can click on a link to learn more about your event. The link can take them to events.chapman.edu, blogpost, or other website.
  • If you would like your event to be featured in the newsletter multiple times, please submit a separate request for each week you would like your event featured. For example, if you would like your event featured in the newsletter for three weeks in a row, please submit your newsletter request three times. You have the option of selecting which dates you would like your even to appear in the newsletter each time you submit a request.

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