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We invite you to promote an announcement or upcoming event in our weekly Working@Chapman newsletters. These newsletters are sent to Chapman faculty and staff on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

Submission Deadlines

  • By noon on Thursday for submission into Monday’s newsletter
  • By noon on Monday for submission into Wednesday’s newsletter.

Important Notes

  • All events must link to more information (preferably to an events.chapman.edu listing) 
  • Your submission date selection will be per week. If you would like multiple weeks, submit a request for each.

Request Form

* indicates a required field

Announcements are important information that staff and faculty or the entire campus community needs to know. Examples include planned outages, sales, new software/ subscription services, or other exciting information. Keep in mind that an announcement is not an event. The newsletter team will do our best to accommodate requests for announcements to be included in the newsletter.

Type of Request

(you may select 1 Monday date and 1 Wednesday date, maximum. To select multiple items, hold down CTRL while clicking to select each (for PC) or CMD while clicking (for MAC))

(only for events, not announcements)

  • Minimum 140x140 pixels, maximum 800 x 800 pixels (use our cropping tool)
  • No text on images unless part of branding or in the photo itself

Have a question or need support?  

Feel free to reach out to Michelle Anguka at manguka@chapman.edu.

To learn more about the Working@Chapman initiative, please read this working@chapman article