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The purpose of the creative brief is to get the dialogue started with SMC about how we can best reach your project goals. To be strategic in our efforts, we must answer the WHO and WHY before the WHAT and HOW. This form allows us to gather and understand your overarching goals in order to develop more informed and strategic suggestions on which marketing paths we should take and what collateral we should develop. 

NOTE: Before submitting your request, please review our Orders and Requests page to see if there a more automated option for what you are looking for.

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NOTE: While SMC does not charge hard costs for its time, some projects have materials and advertising hard costs associated. If you don’t know your budget limits, you can discuss later with your SMC strategist.

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SUBMISSION NOTE: Once your creative brief is processed and reviewed, an SMC contact will reach out to you to continue the conversations or let you know if there are better ways to push your marketing goals.

Please direct questions to Strategic Marketing and Communications, (714) 997-6661 or smc@chapman.edu