» Concur Training Material and Resources

Welcome to the SAP Concur and CTP training resources page.  Below are a number of videos and PDF guides to help you with booking travel and managing your expenses. The videos average about 1 - 2 minutes each in length, and have video controls available if you need to pause, rewind, fast forward, etc.

+ - Getting Started

Before you start entering expense reports or booking travel plans, you will need to get your concur account setup. 


Logging In

Getting Started Checklist

Verifying Your Email Address

+ - Requests

Submitting a Request

Tracking Requests

Approving Requests


+ - Travel Policy & Resources

Resources for booking your next business itinerary.

+ - PCard

PCard Reconciliation

PCard Reconciliation - Allocating Expense Lines to Different Chartfield Strings.


+ - Expenses Resources

Resources for creating and logging travel expenses

+ - Delegate Resources

A "Delegate" is one or more users acting on another user's behalf. A delegate can be assigned to help with booking travel and managing expense reports.

  • Uploading Receipts for a Delegator
    • Video Tutorial (Coming Soon)
    • PDF Tutorial (Coming Soon)


+ - Concur Mobile

Concur Mobile:

The Concur Mobile app allows users access to their Travel and Expenses from the convenience of their mobile device. No Chapman University VPN is necessary to log into your account.

  • Scanning Receipts (Coming Soon)
  • Approving and Expense Report (Coming Soon)