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+ - General Questions

General Questions:

  • What is Concur? What can I do in Concur?
    • Concur is a Travel & Expense Management System that allows you to create/process Travel Requests, make on-line travel arrangements with the CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY contracted travel agency, and create Expense Reports to seek reimbursement expenses incurred on behalf of the University.
  • Is Concur replacing PeopleSoft Travel & Expense?
    • Yes!  Concur is replacing the PeopleSoft Travel & Expense module
  • How do I get user access for Concur?
    • All active employees will automatically be setup as a user in Concur. 

+ - Expense Report Questions

  • Can Delegates create and submit the Expense Reports in workflow?
    • Delegates may create Expense Reports but cannot submit them in workflow for employee travelers.  Concur requires employee travelers to review and submit their own Expense Reports into workflow.  However, Delegates can create Expense Reports for non-employee  travelers and submit the reports into workflow for the non-employee.  Non-employees do not log into Concur.


  • How can I add another approver for Expense Reports?
    • Once Expense Reports are in workflow, a user can click on the “Approve & Forward” button and enter an additional workflow approver.  After the user approves the Expense Report, it will be sent immediately to the additional approver.  After the additional approver approves, the Expense Report will be sent to next workflow approver.


  • What if the name of the next approver in the Approval Flow tab is blank?
    • Type an asterisk (*) in the blank box where the name should be and a list of approvers will appear.  Select one of the approvers. 
    • You can also start typing the name of the next approver, if you know it.  You don’t need to select the name of someone in Accounts Payable to approve.  The Accounts Payable approval box can be left blank.


  • Is the Expense Report automatically routed to the Tax Department if necessary?
    • Yes.  In the Expense Report header, if you indicate that “the traveler is both a non-employee and a foreign national” or “all receipts were not submitted within 60 days after a trip or moving expenses”, Concur will automatically route the Expense Report to the Tax Department.


  • Are receipt photos accepted as a backup document?
    • Yes, receipt photos are accepted as a backup document for Expense Reports as long as they are legible.


  • Do I need to upload a copy of a mapping service website (e.g., Mapquest) to Expense Reports for mileage reimbursements?
    • Concur has a built-in Mileage Calculator (Google Maps) which calculates the mileage based on addresses entered.  Click on the “Mileage Calculator” icon and compute the mileage so you do not have to upload print-outs from other mapping service websites.


  • What is the difference between “Unauthorized Charge on CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY Credit Card” and “Personal Expense (do not reimburse)”?
    • Unauthorized Charge on CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY Credit Card” is for unauthorized Travel Card charges.  Do not checkmark the box indicating “Personal Expense (do not reimburse)” for unauthorized Travel Card charges.  The box indicating “Personal Expense (do not reimburse)” is used only for travelers who download and utilize the “ExpenseIt” app and only when their e-receipts include some personal, out-of-pocket expenses for which they will not be reimbursed.


  • A traveler brought back a paper hotel receipt that includes a personal charge. (This is not an e-receipt through ExpenseIt.)  Do I need to record the personal charge in Concur?
    • No.  Just indicate which charge is personal on the hotel receipt, upload the receipt to Concur, and record the amount to be reimbursed in Concur.  For example, the traveler’s hotel receipt total was $100; $75 was for the traveler’s room and $25 was personal.  You will simply enter $75 for his room in the Expense Report, note that $25 is personal (non-business), and upload the receipt as a backup document.


  • When can I expect my reimbursement payment?
    • Concur creates a daily file for Expense Reports approved by AP during the day.  Concur sends a file of approved Expense Reports to the Finance System overnight to create appropriate Vouchers and Journals in the Finance System.  If there are no budget issues, the Vouchers will issue a payment the same business day the Vouchers are created.  For example, if your Expense Report was approved today (Monday), the payment will be issued tomorrow (Tuesday), assuming the cost center provided on the Expense Report had no budget issues.  If there are budget issues, AP will change the account on the Voucher to 20113, Concur Liability, and approve the Voucher for payment.  In this case, the payment will be issued within one business day following the correction.

+ - Travel Requests

  • Do I need to create a Travel Request (Travel Authorization in PeopleSoft) in Concur? 
    • A Travel Request should be created and processed for employee travelers and non-employee travelers (i.e., all students, all guests, all prospective employees, all future employees who will be reimbursed for moving expenses, and contractors if Travel Cards are used to pay for the contractors’ travel expenses).

  • Can the Delegate create a Travel Request and submit it in workflow for all travelers?
    • Delegates may create Travel Requests but cannot submit them into workflow for employee travelers.  Concur requires employee travelers to review and submit their own Travel Requests in workflow.  However, Delegates can create Travel Requests and submit the requests into workflow for them.

  • What do I need to do if the traveler’s schedule is changed after the Travel Request was fully approved?
    • For non-significant changes which do not affect the business purpose of travel, you do not need to re-create a Travel Request.  Such cases include a change of the traveler’s departure date or return date by a day or so.  You can prepare an explanation and upload it to the Expense Report.  The certifying signatory may want to route the Expense Report to the traveler’s supervisor for his/her approval, if needed.
    • For significant changes that affect the purpose of travel, you will need to create a new Travel Request and inactivate the old Travel Request.  Such cases include a cancellation of the original trip and scheduling a new trip instead due to an unexpected business meeting


  • How is the Export Controls and Travel Embargo Form handled in Concur?
    • All employees who travel to destinations outside the United States will complete the Export Controls and Travel Embargo Form and upload the completed form to their Travel Requests. 


  • Do I need to send a copy of Travel Request to the Office of Research Policies, Compliance, and Committees (ORPCC) for Conflict of Interest verification?
    • The Concur Travel Request has a section (what is this section called, we should specify) where you can indicate if the travel is paid in part by a non-CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY third party.  If so, the user is asked to identify the name of the third party and percentage of travel (100% or less) that will be paid by the third party.  The user is also asked if the traveler is a principal investigator (PI) with a public health service (PHS) grant or if the PI’s salary is paid in part with a PHS grant.  If either case is true (PHS PI or salary paid by PHS), ORPCC receives an automated email about the trip so they can follow-up with the PI later to complete required reporting.  Therefore, you do not need to send a copy of the TR or send notification to ORPCC, and ORPCC approval is not needed to take the trip.  ORPCC is simply notified to follow-up with the PI later


  • How are Cash Advances handled in Concur?
    • Cash Advances may be issued for any authorized Travel. To receive a Cash Advance, the traveler would need to enter the requested amount at the  same time the Travel Request is being created.  Both the Travel Request and Cash Advance are reviewed and processed at the same time.  All approved Cash Advances will  be sent to PeopleSoft where the Accounts Payable department will process the Cash Advance for  

+ - Travel Card Charge Questions

  • GCMS will no longer be used for recording travel expenses (accounts and cost centers). How does Concur handle the Travel Card charges?
    • CITI loads all Travel Card transactions to Concur.  Travel Card Cardholders and Custodians will see those transactions listed in their queue and create Expense Reports for them in Concur.  When the Expense Reports are approved by AP, Concur creates a file and loads the transaction information to the Finance System which creates journal entries to record the expenses to the appropriate cost centers.


  • Where do you see the Travel Card charges?
    • If you are an Individual Travel Card Cardholder or Department Travel Card Custodian, you will see your card charges in your Concur queue.  You can click on “Available Expenses” to view your charges.


  • Is there a due date to create Expense Reports for Travel Card charges?
    • The deadline for submitting Expense Reports to Accounts Payable for Travel Card transactions listed in Concur will be the 25th of the month following the month in which those transactions occurred.  For example, Travel Card charges with a transaction date in September (September 1 – September 30) must be submitted to Accounts Payable on an Expense Report by October 25 in Concur.  If the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday, the due date will be the following business day unless otherwise announced by AP.


  • How should I handle unauthorized Travel Card charges in Concur?
    • Select “Unauthorized Charge on CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY Credit Card” for the Expense Type.  Concur will charge the transaction to your requested cost center and account 12121, A/R Unallowed Credit Card Expense, in the Finance System.  When the traveler reimburses the amount to CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY, the department will need to create a journal debiting Cash and crediting account 12121 and the department cost center that was originally used to record the debit entry for the 12121 transaction.


  • What is the benefit of having an Individual Travel Card rather than Department Travel Card for Concur?
    • Individual Travel Card charges are listed in the traveler’s (Cardholder’s) queue.  If the traveler has all the necessary documents for his reimbursement before the due date to submit Travel Card expenses, he can create one Expense Report to record his reimbursements and the Travel Card expenses.

+ - Delegate vs. Travel Arranger

  • What is the difference between a “Delegate” and “Travel Arranger”?
    • Delegates create or approve Travel Requests and Expense Reports for travelers.  Travel Arrangers handle travel arrangements for travelers. 
  • Can the “Delegate” and “Travel Arranger” be the same person?
    • Yes.  Be sure to setup the person as both a “Travel Arranger” (in the traveler profile) and as a “Delegate” (in the Concur Request/Expense profile).
  • Do I have to use the on-line booking tool in Concur for all travel arrangements?
    • The on-line booking tool in Concur is optional.  However, the Concur booking tool includes Chapman University and state-contracted discounts for airfare, lodging, and rental cars, as well as the inventory of travel arrangements available through public websites like Expedia or Travelocity.  We encourage you to use it as the booking fee may be lower than other  competing  websites.
  • Who are Corporate Travel Planners (CTP)?
    • Corporate Travel Planners is the CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY-contracted travel agency that supports booked travel made through Concur.  CTP can also make group travel arrangements and book international or complex travel over the phone.  However, CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY departments are not required to use them.

+ - System Requirements & Emailing

  • Which internet browsers and operating systems are supported by Concur?
    • See the “Supported Configurations for Concur” document on the AP Travel website under Getting Started in Concur.  Note: Mac users who login through Access CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY should use Google Chrome as their internet browser.  Mac users who login through www.concursolutions.com can use Safari.