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Below are some of the key projects and initiatives the Information Systems & Technology department is currently involved in:

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Desktop Backup

IS&T will deploy a new software program called Crash Plan Pro, to all Staff and full-time Faculty desktops and laptops.  This software is designed to automatically backup your entire computer system and as files change.  The way it works, Crash Plan Pro scans your computer then makes an encrypted copy of that data which is then backed up on secured cloud servers.  All backup servers are located within the US and the data cannot be viewed, at any time, by another individual.  In the event you experience a hard drive failure, the backed up data can quickly be restored to a new hard drive with very little downtime.


In Summer 2018, the Office of Research at Chapman University will launch Cayuse modules to assist with grant preparation, routing, and submission. The Cayuse products (modules known as SP and 424) provide a user-friendly interface for researchers. The system minimizes proposal errors and warnings during federal grant preparation by checking proposal requirements against Grants.gov in real time. It also allows electronic review and approvals by departmental chairpersons, deans, and other reviewers. The Cayuse SP and 424 products will complement the Cayuse IRB product that has been in use at Chapman University since October 2017.  Training for Cayuse products is offered each month through Rodeo events at both the main campus and Rinker Health Sciences campus. Questions should be directed to the Office of Research at extension 2805 or by email at SPS@chapman.edu .

Concur Travel and Expense

Concur will be replacing the current PeopleSoft Travel and Expense reporting.  This new service will make scheduling trips, submitting expense reports, reconsiling PCard fast and easy. These and many more features are scheduled go live in August 2018.

Research Infrastructure

IS&T, in partnership with the Office of Research, is currently holding discussions around campus to evaluate current and future research and creative activity needs.  This effort is expected to produce recommendations around future technology and staffing investments, as well as the publishing of documentation around currently available resources.  If you’d like to participate in providing feedback, please contact Phillip Lyle at plyle@chapman.edu.