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Welcome to the University Ticket Office, home to Chapman's official ticketing system, University Tickets. This office is responsible for ticket sales, ticketing system training and support, and general oversight of the University Ticket system.

Purchasing Tickets at Chapman

Both the campus community and the general public may purchase tickets for athletic, performing arts, student and special events by phone, at the Ticket Office and online. The ticketing office is located at 327 N Lemon Street, Orange, CA 92866. Parking for ticket patrons is available in the driveway. Street parking is not permitted.

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Setting up a Ticketed Event

If you are a Chapman member and have an official Chapman event that you would like to set up ticketing for, please contact the University Ticket Office at eventsticketing@chapman.edu or (714) 997-6812 to setup a training for the University Tickets System. 

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    Contact Us

    University Ticket Office
    327 N Lemon Street
    Orange, CA 92866

    For Purchasing Tickets:
    (714) 997-6812
    Purchase tickets online

    Office Hours
    9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

    For Ticketing System Setup:
    Phone: (714) 997-6812
    Fax: (714) 744-7811

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    Guides and Resources

    For questions about or training/assistance with University Tickets, please email eventsticketing@chapman.edu.