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Welcome to Chapman University! Thank you for your interest in the Chapman University campus as a possible filming location. For convenience, the word "filming" as used in these guidelines shall include Motion Pictures, Filming, Videotaping, Still Photography, and Digital Imaging. 

The Conference Services Department is responsible for all arrangements pertaining to filming on the Chapman University campus, including processing the Filming Agreement and supervising the film shoot. The Conference Services Department processes all requests to film on campus and coordinates with all campus departments & services on your behalf. News media covering an active or breaking story does not require a Filming Agreement; the Office of Strategic Marketing and Communication (714-997-6661) must coordinate all news media shoot requests. 

To submit an application to film on the Chapman University campus or University owned property, please complete the Filming Inquiry Form. A member from the Conference Services Department will be in touch with you shortly. 

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Filming on campus is permitted only if it does not interfere with academic operations, University business and/or previously scheduled events. A Chapman University Filming Agreement is required to film on campus. The Filming Agreement can be approved when all the following requirements have been met:

  1. Specific date(s) and location(s) are confirmed and approved by the Event Scheduling Office.
  2. The entire script is approved by the Conference Services Department. 
  3. The Chapman University Parking Services Department approves a parking plan for both production and private vehicles.
  4. A correct Certificate of Insurance fulfilling the University's insurance requirements is received by Conference Services Department no later than the date specified on Filming Agreement.
  5. Full payment of all fees, and other estimated charges are received by Conference Services Department no later than the date specified on Filming Agreement.
  6. An Executed Filming Agreement.

Filming Fees

The cost to shoot at Chapman University is a combination of the Chapman University filming fee, campus staffing costs, location venue rental fees, and any other facilities or miscellaneous services needed for the shoot.

  • Payment for all fees and services must be payable to Chapman University via check and be received no later than the date specified on the Filming Agreement.
  • The Conference Services Department will determine the total cost for filming on the Chapman University campus or other University owned properties.
  • A non-refundable deposit will be required to hold a particular date and location. The deposit will be 50% of the total facility fee specified on the Filming Agreement. 
  • All deposits & payments must be paid via check to Chapman University. Deposits/Payments can be mailed to:
Chapman University
Conference Services
One University Drive
Orange, CA 92866

Dates & Locations

During the academic sessions, filming on campus is restricted to weekends or University holidays only, at the discretion of the University.

Prior to filming on campus, the representative of the production must walk through the desired location(s) with a Conference Services staff member.

The use of any location can only be approved with the consent of the University and consideration of the surrounding areas and activities. Scheduled University events, regardless of size, take precedence over film shoots in determining location availability.


The Conference Services Office provides setup and audio-visual equipment at no additional charge.  All requests are subject to availability.  Please work with your Chapman University Conference Services staff to arrange all setup and audio-visual requests at least two weeks prior to your film shoot. 

Setup Equipment

  • Tables (6ft tables, 8ft tables, 72 inch rounds, 90 inch rounds, tall cocktail tables, short cocktail tables)
  • Chairs 
  • Podiums (adjustable or fixed)
  • Dance Floor (16’ x 21’ max)
  • Easels
  • U.S. Flag & California State Flag
  • Stage (8’ x 16’ max) [Provided with stairs and or ADA ramp]

Audio-Visual Equipment

  • LCD Projectors
  • Projection Screens
  • Microphones (handheld wireless, wired, lavaliere)
  • Desktop & Laptop Computers
  • Presentation Remotes
  • HDMI & VGA Connections
  • AppleTV & Pano Capabilities
  • Panopto


Film Shoot Parking
Please contact the Conference Services Department to make parking arrangements for your film shoot. Depending on your location, day of week, and program time, you may:

A.) Have guests purchase a parking permit from the kiosks located in the parking structures ($2.00 for 2 hours, $3.00 for 4 hours, and $5.00 for 12 hours).

B.) Pre-order an electronic parking permit from the Conference Services Department. An electronic parking permit will be emailed to a representative of the production to distribute to attendees. The cost is $2.00 per vehicle, per day.

Buses & Trucks
If your event will be bringing either a bus or truck to the campus, please inform the Conference Services staff so that we may assist you with coordinating the loading/unloading. Chapman University’s parking lots/structures cannot accommodate large vehicles such as buses or trucks. A parking plan for these vehicles must be coordinated prior to your arrival on campus.

City of Orange Residential Parking Restrictions
Parking in the residential streets that surround the University requires a City of Orange parking permit. Parking on these streets may result in a parking citation from the City of Orange. 

University Policies

Any use of the NAMES, MARKS, LOGOS, or TRADEMARKS of Chapman University, the Chapman University campus, or any abbreviations thereof is governed by Chapman University. Request for use of NAMES, MARKS, LOGOS, or TRADEMARKS, must be submitted to the Conference Services Department in advance. 

If the University or a specific venue requires its personnel to be present as a condition of use, personnel must be scheduled in advance of the film shoot. Personnel include, but are not limited to, location Liaison/Event Manager, Fire Safety Officer, Custodial, Grounds Staff, and/or University Public Safety Officers. 
Unless requested by the film company, the Conference Services Department will determine the presence of uniformed Public Safety Officers. In some cases, traffic control officers may be necessary in addition to Public Safety Officers. The coordination and cost of such services shall be the responsibility of the film production. 

Chapman University is subject to California State Fire Code. The University has its own Fire Life and Safety Officers that will advise on setups.

The Conference Services Department is the University's liaison to the external organization. An Event Manager will assist the external organization personnel with scouts, obtaining permission to film from various campus agents, contract negotiations, and also assist the cast and crew on day(s) of filming. Individual locations may require additional staff familiar with specific locations.

Code of Responsibility

During your filming at Chapman University, we will expect adherence to the Filmmaker's Code of Professional Responsibility:

  1. Production vehicles may not block driveways of the University. 

  2. Meals shall be confined to the area designated in the Filming Agreement. Individuals shall eat within the designated meal area. All trash must be disposed of properly upon completion of meal. 

  3. Removing, trimming, and/or cutting of vegetation or trees are prohibited unless approved by the University. 

  4. All catering, craft services, construction, strike, and personal trash must be removed from the location or placed in trash cans and/or dumpster's provided by the University for disposal. 

  5. All signs must be approved prior to placement. Only wire lawn signs are permitted to be placed on campus, all stake signs are prohibited. All approved signs must be removed from the University following the conclusion of the film shoot. 

  6. Noise levels should be kept as low as possible. Amplified sound is not permitted without the express permission of the University. 

  7. Cast and crew vehicles parked at the University must adhere to all legal requirements unless authorized by the Filming Agreement. 

  8. Cast and crew are to remain on or near the area that has been permitted. Do not trespass on to other areas (i.e., buildings/classrooms/offices/fields) without prior approval from the University. 

  9. Cast and crew shall not bring guests or pets to location unless expressly authorized in advance by the production company. Service animals are exempt. 

  10. Chapman University and all Chapman owned properties are smoke/vape-free. Thank you in advance for you and your crew's cooperation with this policy. 

  11. Appropriate behavior and respect shall be shown by all members of the production towards students, faculty, staff, and guests of the University.

  12. The production company must comply with the provisions of the Filming Agreement at all times. 

Dodge College Class Filming

If you are a Dodge College student requesting to film on campus for a Dodge class project please contact Dodge College Production Management, FTV at ftvprodmgmt@chapman.edu.