Three students sit on a bench in the Orange Plaza
The Panther's Guide to Living Off Campus

» So, You're Moving Out.

You’ve probably accumulated a ton of stuff over the past year that you don’t need or want. The good news is that there is a place for all of it!

Free pick-up of old furniture and appliances

Why leave a couch or mattress on your curb when CR&R, your garbage collector, will pick them up and dispose of them for free? You can schedule this service up to four times a year per address by calling (714) 372-8272.

Recycle your e-waste

E-waste (computers, cell phones, cables, etc.) can be recycled — every little bit helps the environment! Plus, it’s illegal in California to dispose of electronics in the regular trash. Email for options.

Donate items you don’t need

School supplies, unopened food and hygiene items, clothing, and furniture can be donated to worthy causes in our local community. Here are a few that we recommend:

Don’t forget about your four-legged roomies

If you're no longer able to keep your pet, make sure to find arrangements for them. You can ask friends and family to house them temporarily or visit PetFinder to search for local animal rescue groups.

Save money by shutting off your utilities

Water, trash, electricity and gas costs can build up over the summer and cost you a pretty penny when you return in the fall. Make sure to turn off your utilities while you’re not in residence, but be sure to consult with the terms of your lease first.