» Disciples on Campus Scholarships

Alumni and committed members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ generously give money for extra scholarship support for students from Disciples and UCC congregations.

Annually, Disciples and UCC students who choose to participate in Disciples on Campus receive $2,000 ($3,000 for graduate students).

Chapman University is also committed to bringing strong leaders from our churches across the country. Students who have parents or grandparents who are Disciples or UCC ministers are eligible for half tuition if their FAFSA shows need. UCC Conference and Disciples Regional and Area youth leaders also are eligible for half tuition if their  FAFSA shows need.

The half tuition scholarship is not stackable with Chapman merit scholarships (for instance: The Dean’s Scholarship). Whichever award has the greater value will be the one awarded. 

If you have any questions about scholarships, please call the Office of Church Relations at (714) 997-6760 or email churchrelations@chapman.edu