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We understand it's important to find a graduate business program right for you and your future career.   We are committed to recruiting high-achieving and diverse students, and our Argyros Ambassadors are here to answer your questions and provide insight on the Argyros experience.

Learn how to become an Argyros Ambassador by contacting mba@chapman.edu

Evan Andersen

Argyros Ambassadors Name: Evan Andersen
Program: Professional MBA
Graduating Year: 2018
Undergraduate Institution: San Diego State University
Undergraduate Degree: International Business
Hometown: Tustin, CA
E-mail: ander435@mail.chapman.edu
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My name is Evan Andersen and I am currently a second-year student of the Professional MBA program with a marketing track. For my undergraduate degree, I studied International Business with a minor in Economics at San Diego State University. I grew up in Tustin and Newport Beach and always knew about Chapman University just up the street. After much research and many tours, I decided that Chapman University would be a great opportunity to do an MBA at. Chapman University provides a great education and great professors to work with along with a small school feel, small classrooms as well as many opportunities to network and grow as a person. I have more of a background in product, marketing and sales, after graduation I hope to be a Product Manager.

Jane Fang

Argyros Ambassadors Name: Chienwen (Jane) Fang
Program: Professional MBA
Graduating Year: 2018
Undergraduate Institution: National Taiwan Normal University
Undergraduate Degree: B.E. Bachelor of Engineering
Hometown: Hsinchu, Taiwan
E-mail:  fang117@mail.chapman.edu
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My name is Jane Fang, and I am currently a second-year student of the professional MBA program at Chapman University. I finished my undergrad back in my home country, Taiwan, and now I study here as an international student. I decide to pursue an MBA because transferred my career path from the engineering field to a business related position. The Chapman MBA program offers me more than I thought before: networking opportunities, professional skills, career consulting… and so on. All the resources in Chapman strongly support me to move forward to my future goal.  

Tim Ford

Argyros Ambassadors Name: Tim Ford
Program: Professional MBA
Graduating Year: 2018
Undergraduate Institution: Holy Names University, Oakland, CA
Undergraduate Degree: B.A. Business Management
E-mail: ford143@mail.chapman.edu
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My name is Tim Ford and I'm in my final year of the Professional MBA. I have a BA in business management from Holy Names University in Oakland, CA and I'm a full time accountant. My background is in insurance finance but my ultimate goal is to become an entertainment executive. Prior to college, I spent my childhood with a serious learning disability and was told college is not for everyone. I took this "news" to heart and proved to myself that college certainly can be for anyone. I pushed through my undergraduate studies with strength and perseverance and finished strong before starting my MBA from Chapman University. With a graduation date set for May 2018, I am ready to finish even stronger from this outstanding MBA program.

Saransh Jaisinghani

Argyros Ambassadors Name: Saransh Jaisinghani
Program: MBA
Graduating Year: 2018
Undergraduate Institution: Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management, Chandigarh, India
Undergraduate Degree: BSc. in Hospitality and Hotel Administration
Hometown: New Delhi, India
E-mail: jaisi100@mail.chapman.edu
LinkedIn: Connect with Saransh Jaisinghani
Twitter: @SaranshJaisingh

My name is Saransh Jaisinghani and I am currently a second-year student in the MBA program. During my undergraduate degree, I got a chance to intern with Hotel Vatel in France and Le Meridien in India which provided me an industry insight as well as a global exposure. After my graduation, I worked for ITC Limited for 4 years in their hotel's division. With a year of training in all departments to understand the organization and hotel operations in a holistic perspective, I chose Sales & Marketing as my core area of interest and worked in a managerial position for ITC hotels in Mumbai for 3 years. During my tenure, I got to interact with a lot of influential people in the corporate world which inspired me to keep learning and growing. Thus, I chose to pursue a master's in a business degree program in California and my mentor at that time suggested me with Chapman University. After doing research, I found the program offered at Argyros School of Business and Economics was the right fit for me. The educational journey at Chapman University has been enlightening and enriching. The global environment of education in the MBA program has helped me with a broader mindset and improved business acumen. During the summer, I got a chance to intern with a restaurant and amusement park company where I played the role of Strategic Planning intern and assisted the CEO to make more informed decisions and build the restaurant brand as a consultant to the marketing team. 

Kyle Mackie

Argyros Ambassadors Name: Kyle Mackie
Program: Full-time MBA
Graduating Year: 2018
Undergraduate Institution: University of California, Berkeley
Undergraduate Degree: B.A. Integrative Biology
Hometown: Garden Grove, CA
E-mail:  macki114@mail.chapman.edu
LinkedIn: Connect with Kyle Mackie

My name is Kyle Mackie and I am a second-year student in the Full-time MBA program. I graduated from Berkeley in 2012 and began a path towards Physical Therapy school. I eventually came to the decision that PT school was not for me and decided to pursue an MBA. Choosing Chapman was a no-brainer once I was on campus and spent some time with current students as well as faculty and staff. The opportunities that I have had and the experiences that were made available through the program will allow me to thrive in my career and my life following graduation. The personalization of relationships and the care demonstrated throughout Chapman is one of my favorite parts about the program.

Aaraish Memon

Argyros Ambassadors Name: Aaraaish (Ash) Memon
Program: Professional / Part time MBA
Current Employer: JP Morgan Chase
Title: Business Relationship Manager
Previous Employers: Union Bank, Wells Fargo, and Regions Financial Corporation
Graduating Year: 2019
Undergraduate Institution: Osmania University, India
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Hometown: Chino, CA
Fun Fact: Fitness Freak and dance enthusiast- taught Bollywood Zumba classes in the past as a hobby!
Email: memon104@mail.chapman.edu
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I moved to the USA from India with my family in 2009, soon after graduation. After a few years of working my way up in different financial institutions, I decided to take my career to a different level with an MBA from Chapman University. The flexible Professional MBA program at ASBE helps me balance a full-time job with classes at a part time pace. The program has not only helped sharpen my hard and soft skills but taught me the art of effective time management! Lectures aside, I have learnt so much from interactions with my intelligent and hardworking classmates- on group projects, in-  class discussions and friendships outside the classroom. I enjoy every bit of the experience -a full schedule of applying what is taught in the classroom to work and using my career experiences to add value to the teachings, as I grow in my career at Chase, under the able leadership of my manager.

Emily Nguyen

Argyros Ambassadors Name: Emily Nguyen
Program: Executive MBA
E-mail: nguye688@mail.chapman.edu

Ana Rahlves

Argyros Ambassadors Name: Ana M. Rahlves
Program: Full-time MBA
Graduating Year: 2018
Undergraduate Institution: Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellin, Colombia
Degrees: B.A. Communications and Journalism. M.A. Communications and Culture
Hometown: Sevilla, Colombia
E-mail:  rahlv100@mail.chapman.edu
LinkedIn:  Connect with Ana Rahlves

I am a second-year MBA student at Chapman University. I have worked for the Central Bank of Colombia (Banco de la Republica) in Barranquilla, Colombia, and with the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa, California. My areas of expertise include marketing, communications, and arts administration. Pursuing an MBA in Chapman University has been an amazing experience that has opened up exciting new opportunities for me on both a professional and personal level. I highly recommend this program, and I would love to help applicants find out more about the Chapman MBA.

Yesi Real

Argyros Ambassadors Name: Yesi Real
Program: Executive MBA
E-mail: real103@mail.chapman.edu

Emily Wei

Argyros Ambassadors Name: Emily Wei
Program: Professional MBA
E-mail: wei126@mail.chapman.edu

Kaneisha Willlis

Argyros Ambassadors Name: Kaneisha Willlis
Program: Executive MBA
E-mail: willi525@mail.chapman.edu

Rowena Zahn

Argyros Ambassadors Name: Rowena Zahn
Program: MS Food Science/MBA
Graduating Year: 2019
Undergraduate Institution: Barnard College
Undergraduate Degree: B.A. Biochemistry
Hometown: Rossmoor, CA
E-mail:  zahn105@mail.chapman.edu
LinkedIn:  Connect with Rowena Zahn

The best decision that I have made at Chapman was to apply for the Joint MS Food Science/MBA program. The business school has exposed me to concepts of interest that I had not been able to learn as a student in the science. As an Argyros Ambassador, I am happy to share my positive experience with perspective students.