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We encourage you to engage with the Argyros School by learning about our programs and connecting with the admissions team. We provide our students with premier graduate business degrees that offer a dynamic curriculum with hands-on training, expertise i big data analytics, and the knowledge and resources to be a successful business leader locally, nationally and globally.

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  • Dr. Niklas Myhr is our global social media professor. Dr. Myhr teaches students ethical responsibility through social media and trains them on the effective use of social media to encourage corporate responsibility through the social media supply chain. Dr. Myhr is an advocate for corporate responsibility and has presented on the topic at Harvard Business School with his undergraduate research assistant, Tim Dunnigan. Dr. Myhr is passionate about the Internet and technology, exploring ways for students to integrate their curiosity and excitement for these platforms into their career objectives.

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The Arygros School hosts online webinars, info sessions, coffee chats and luncheons. Join us to learn more about our graduate business programs.

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