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» Pre-MBA Coursework

MBA Orientation and the start of your first semester are just a short time away. What are you doing to prepare yourself to hit the ground running and position yourself for success in the classroom and in your career development planning?  

What kind of prep work should I be doing?

Now that you have registered for the coming semester and have your official Chapman student email account, you can use that account to unlock prep courses on Udemy and Wall Street Prep to complete various prep modules such as Excel, Accounting, and Finance.

Who should take these pre-MBA courses?

We strongly recommend these courses for incoming MBA students, especially those students who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Have not taken finance and/or accounting classes during their undergraduate program
  • Have not taken finance and/or accounting classes within five years
  • Have not used finance and/or accounting skills in a professional setting
  • Are not comfortable using Microsoft Excel to create formulas, build models, and manipulate data

Please contact your program advisor if you have any questions about this coursework.