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You’re looking for the best talent out there. Argyros School Career Services is here to help you do that. We promise to deliver quick and excellent customer service to help you appropriately invest your time and resources.

We promise to:

  • Listen and learn about your organization and your hiring needs
  • Build a recruiting strategy that suits you best
  • Help you build your brand with Chapman students
  • Take a targeted approach to promote your on-campus engagements
  • Make your recruiting experience as efficient and productive as possible

 If you are ready to post a position or schedule an on-campus engagement, please utilize our web-based, career management system: https://chapman.joinhandshake.com

 If you would like to discuss a tailored approach to recruiting Argyros School students, please email Stacey Moynahan, Director of Career Services, at smoynahan@chapman.edu, or call her at (714) 628-2896.