» Meet the Argyros College Career Advancement Staff

photo of Jim Dusserre

Jim Dusserre

Director of Undergraduate Programs and Career Advancement- Argyros College of Business and Economics
Beckman Hall 305B
As Director for Undergraduate Programs and Career Services and Chapman EMBA alumni, I am particularly invested in our continued success at the Argyros College of Business and Economics. Along with the Argyros College Career Services and Advising team, I am committed to creating connections that are advantageous for each of our stakeholders. Guided by our university mission, I work to ensure our undergraduate business students have a truly personalized academic experience that leads to career success post-graduation. I also partner closely with the business community, and Chapman faculty and alumni to ensure our current undergraduate and graduate students have access to opportunities for career mentorship, placement, and advancement.
photo of Makayla Scott

Makayla Scott

Career and Advising Coordinator
Beckman Hall 305A
Makayla received her B.A. from California Baptist University. As Career and Advising Coordinator, Makayla manages operations for the Argyros Career and Advising Center. She works directly with employers to get their opportunities posted on Handshake (our career portal), organize site visits and information sessions. Makayla supports all aspects of the Argyros Advising and Career Center events and keeps our office operating. Additionally, she will coach students in finding a career, interview preparation and resume review.
photo of Heather Stotler

Heather Stotler

Assistant Director, Career Advancement
Beckman Hall 303R
As the Assistant Director for the Career Advancement team, Heather is responsible for career coaching for our flex MBA students, as well as, assisting in career advancement initiatives for undergraduate students. Heather also pursues and maintains employer partnerships. Heather maintains active participation in professional associations to develop and expand the Argyros College employer network. And will assist students in developing career skills and access to career resources.
photo of Jenna Tarin

Jenna Tarin

Assistant Director, Career Advancement
Beckman Hall 305D
(714) 532-6065
Jenna received her Masters in Business Administration from Chapman University. As an undergraduate student she began working in Chapman’s Office of the Registrar in addition to completing several internships in the entertainment industry. Prior to Jenna's current role as Assistant Director, Career Services she also worked in the Office of the Registrar and Program Advisor in the Argyros College of Business and Economics. Jenna is responsible for the placement of Undergraduate and Master level accounting students. As well as developing and managing relationships with Accounting Firms, coordinating events with the Accounting Society, identifying candidates for the MS in Accounting, and is involved in external outreach with industry. She also assists with job placement for undergraduate business majors.
photo of Nushin Tasbihchi

Nushin Tasbihchi

Career Development Coordinator
Beckman Hall 305E
As the Career Development Coordinator Nushin will hold one-on-one and group career coaching engagements on career development, and career-related decision making for students. As well as offer a variety of career assessments, job/internship search strategies such as networking, resume writing and interview preparation.
photo of Emma Floyd

Emma Floyd

Program Advisor
Beckman Hall 305C
Emma graduated in 2022 with her B.S. in business administration from Chapman University and is currently pursuing her MBA. As Program Advisor, Emma is responsible for educating and advising students regarding their program requirements.