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+ - Freshman: Identify Argyros School and Chapman resources for advising

Academic advising is integral to student success in which students learn to become members of their higher education community. Chapman University provides a wide array of advising services on campus.  It is important to know where to do to get questions answers and advice for the future. 

Take-Away:   Students should be able to describe where to find the answers for their questions. They should also be able to know how to schedule appointments with the various advising services. 

How:  For more information please visit:

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+ - Freshman: Research the resources available through Argyros Career Services

Dedicated solely to business students, the center serves as a resource to help prepare students develop a career plan and job readiness strategies such as: resume and cover letter writing, interviewing preparation, job search and networking skills, and self-awareness through individual career coaching appointments.

Take-Away:  Students will be able to describe primary services of the center.  Based on career development needs, students will utilize appropriate resources and be exposed to career and employment opportunities through events and individualized career coaching appointments.

How:   Step Up. Stand Out. Start Now.  For more information visit Argyros School’s Undergraduate Business Career Center website.

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