» Think Chapman First

"Think Chapman First" is not just a program- it is a mindset. Our Chapman University professional network is only as strong as the effort that our members put into supporting each other. Thus, in order to make a lasting impact on our Chapman Family network, we each must commit ourselves to Think Chapman First in our day-to-day lives. 

If you or your company are looking for top-notch talent to fill roles within your organization, look no further than Chapman’s network of outstanding alumni and students.


+ - What type of opportunities is Chapman looking for?

When you Think Chapman First, it is a win for everyone involved. You have the opportunity to recruit some of the best and brightest candidates, while giving our alumni and students a chance to apply their skills and knowledge to help your business grow and thrive. Think Chapman First if your organization is looking to fill:

For students:

  • Internships (paid or for class-credit) that will enable them to learn and expand their portfolio relative to their major
  • Seasonal jobs and internships (paid or for class-credit)
  • Part-time employment opportunities

For alumni:

  • Entry-level paid job and internship opportunities for recent graduates that allow them to gain industry experience
  • Mid-level paid full-time job opportunities for alumni ranging from our young alumni to members of our 50 year club
  • Executive and leadership-level career opportunities that require leadership and experience


  • Although Chapman University is based in Orange County, our alumni-base expands across the entire US and globe. Additionally, as part of the mission of Chapman University is to mold Global Citizens, and because Chapman students are known for their international experiences through our popular study abroad program, many alumni are open to relocation and exploring other regions and countries. Thus, we are always looking for diverse opportunities worldwide. 
  • Our top regions in the US for alumni are currently: California, Seattle, New York, Washington DC, Pheonix, Denver, Portland, Dallas, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Colorado Springs, Boston, Chicago, and Atlanta.

+ - What information do I need to share if I want to recruit Panthers?

In order to best serve you and promote your opening(s) across all appropriate channels, please send us the following:

  • Job title
  • Company name
  • Job geographic location
  • Job description, including requirements (or a link to the online job description)
  • Directions on how to apply

You may send us either a link, PDF, or simply write the information in an email.

+ - What happens when I Think Chapman First?

  • When you submit your opportunities to Career and Industry, we will act as your personal liaison and central point of contact at Chapman. We can submit all opportunities - no matter what level of experience or specialty you are looking for - to the appropriate Chapman University inter-campus-partners, and ensure that your openings are being promoted on the most impactful combination of Chapman communication platforms.
  • In addition to receiving applications formally through your application system, our Career and Industry team will personally submit Panther resumes to you, for your convenience.
  • If you are an alumnus who is Thinking Chapman First, we will mark your opportunity as a *Panthers Hiring Panthers* position, which lets your fellow alumni know that there will be a friendly Panther connection at your organization.