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Global education is central to a Chapman University education. At Chapman, you will receive a personalized education that will not only help you adjust to the American educational system, but will also prepare you to take your place as a productive global citizen.

Students come to Chapman from 49 states, each U.S. territory and 88 countries, including Brazil, Canada, China, India, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and the United Kingdom.

International students seek out Chapman because of our location —in sunny Southern California — but they also come for the incredible opportunities, including international internships, undergraduate research, study abroad programs, student activities and leadership development.

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EducationUSA centers are the U.S. State Department's network of hundreds of advising centers in 170 countries designed to assist local students find the appropriate U.S. college or university.

+ - 1. Am I considered an International Student at Chapman?

To find out if you're considered an International Student, find which statement most accurately describes your situation from the list below:

I have a foreign passport or citizenship.
Yes, all citizens of countries other than the U.S. are considered international students at Chapman.

I attend an international school, but I have a U.S. passport. 
No, you would be considered a U.S. Abroad applicant.

I attend a U.S. high school, but I have a foreign passport. Yes, you would be considered an international student.

I am a U.S. permanent resident and a citizen of another country.
No, your U.S. permanent residency keeps you as a domestic applicant.

I am a dual citizen with the U.S.
No, your U.S. citizenship keeps you as a domestic applicant.

+ - 2. Will there be students like me at Chapman?

  • 10% of Chapman students are International from 88 countries around the world
  • The top 10 countries represented in the international student population are: China, Saudi Arabia, Canada, India, United Kingdom, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Japan, France and Germany
  • Learn more about Why Chapman is a great place to be

+ - 3. Will I have a chance to speak with an admission counselor from Chapman if I cannot come to campus to visit?

Possibly. We will be traveling all over the world and we encourage you to come see us. Check back for our international travel schedule. Please write to intladmit@chapman.edu if there are any questions we can help with as you consider Chapman.

+ - 4. What do I do if my secondary school or university only provides one official transcript?

Please submit an official photocopy. Take your ONLY copy and have several certified copies made, and translated into English if needed. These documents should be stamped by the legal notary who made the copy and or translation. We do not accept uncertified copies directly from students. If you submit a scanned copy or hand delivered copy, your status-check will continue reflect that you are missing those documents and those that you have submitted are NOT considered official. Please factor in this extra amount of time when you are applying.

+ - 5. What do I do if my transcripts are not available in English?

  • Please have your transcript translated into English. Line-by-line and word-for-word exact translation is required
  • Please submit both the official transcript and the official translation

+ - 6. I began my university studies already; can I apply to transfer to Chapman University?

  • Yes, Chapman accepts transfer applications from international students that are already studying at a U.S. university as well as students studying in universities all over the world.
  • There are no minimum grades or credit amounts to apply as a transfer.
  • If less than 24 credits have been earned, then SAT or ACT scores need to be submitted.
  • If less than 60 credits have been earned, please submit secondary school transcripts and exam results as these will be required and reviewed.
  • If you are an international transfer student who is currently in the U.S. attending/attended a community college or four year institution, you must have completed a baccalaureate level transferable English class. 
  • Please see transfer admission site for more details, or download our Transfer Brochure.

+ - 7. What are the requirements to apply to Chapman University?

Chapman has a holistic review process. We do not have any minimum requirements of secondary school grades, test scores or any combination of the two. We look for a diverse class of students to bring in each year that will fill our classrooms with interesting thoughts, allow for creative cultural exchange throughout campus life and develop global citizens in ALL of our graduates. We do look for academically engaged students who will thrive in our classrooms and have the academic tools to be prepared for university-level work. To have an application for admission be considered complete we require:

  • The Common Application form, Chapman Supplement and any supplemental departmental applications. For more information on applying, click here
  • All Transcripts (Mark sheets, examination results) from all secondary/ high schools and/or universities attended. English translations are required if official transcript is not provided in English
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • SAT-1 or ACT scores
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores: International first-year applicants who submit scores of 550 or higher on either the Critical Reasoning or Writing sections of the SAT or a sub score of 24 or higher on either Reading, English or Writing sections of the ACT will automatically have the TOEFL or IELTS requirement waived. These scores can be waived if English is your native language.
  • International Supplemental Form

+ - 8. Is Chapman University a part of The Common Application?

  • Yes, the only way to apply to Chapman is through The Common Application
  • Please complete the Common Application as well as the Chapman Supplement to complete your application to Chapman University

+ - 9. My school does not have a school counselor, who should complete my School Forms on Common Application?

A school headmaster, principle, class advisor or any administrator.

+ - 10. Can I check my application status online?

  • Your Student Portal will allow you to monitor your application status.
  • Student Portal access information is provided by the Office of Admission through the mail. If you have any troubles with your username or password, please contact the Office of Admission at: (714) 997-6711 or admit@chapman.eduPLEASE BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR STUDENT ID NUMBER available when contacting the office.

+ - 11. How can I visit & tour Chapman University?

View our Visit Opportunities page to schedule a tour and information session at Chapman.

+ - 12. What are the Top 5 mistakes to avoid as an International Student applying to Chapman?

1. Not using the same name on ALL documents for admission. We highly recommend that you use your name as it appears on your passport for your application, SAT, TOEFL, e-mail correspondence, portfolio submissions, audition sign ups and any other documents you may submit. We cannot match your documents to your application file if the name is not consistent. The name you use on your application will used for your I-20 and visa documents, all of which should match your passport.

2. Not following up on your application to check for missing documents and the status of your application. Please visit our Admission Self-Service Portal after submitting your application and receiving your login information via email. We encourage you to follow up on your application and check back often.

3. Not submitting a completed International student Supplemental Form with U.S. dollar amounts listed in the columns for Assured and Expected Support. Bank statements are also needed, especially for the visa process, if you are admitted.

4. Missing deadlines.

  • First Year Applicants: We highly recommend applying Early Action - November 1. The Regular Decision has a January 15 deadline.

NOTE: November 1st is the required deadline for Pharmacy, Film Production, Theatre Performance & Screen Acting applicants; within these programs, priority is given to first year applicants who apply by November 1

  • Transfer Students: The deadline for Fall is March 15 (classes begin in late August) and for Spring is October 15 (classes begin in late January).

5. Listing an e-mail address that is no longer in use. For international students our primary form of communication is via email. We will communicate to you using the email address listed on your Common Application. Please keep us updated with a current and functioning email address that you check regularly.

+ - 13. What are my chances for gaining admission as an international student to Chapman?

47% was the overall acceptance rate to Chapman for the incoming Fall 2015 first-year students.

+ - 14. Do I have to take the TOEFL / IELTS?

  • International freshman applicants who submit scores of 550 or higher on either the Critical Reasoning or Writing sections of the SAT or a sub score of 24 or higher on Reading, English or Writing sections of the ACT will automatically have the TOEFL or IELTS requirement waived. These scores can be waived if English is your native language.
  • International students who have attended all four years of secondary school (high school) where the language of instruction is English will have the TOEFL/IELTS requirement waived.
  • International students who have attended a minimum three years of secondary school (high school) where the language of instruction is English, the admission committee will consider waiving the TOEFL/IELTS, but a waiver is not an automatic.
  • For international transfer students already in the U.S., please plan to take a baccalaureate level transferable English course before you arrive at Chapman University. The TOEFL/IELTS is only required of an international student who is not studying in the U.S.

+ - 15. What are Chapman’s TOEFL, GRE and CEEB codes?

4047 is the school code used for the TOEFL, GRE and CEEB.

+ - 16. What is the required TOEFL, IELTS and PTEA scores to attend Chapman?

  • Our minimum score for the TOEFL is 80 (with balanced sub-scores)
  • Our minimum score for the IELTS is 6.5 (with balanced sub-scores)
  • Our minimum score for the PTEA is 53
  • For international transfer students already in the U.S., please plan to take a baccalaureate level transferable English course before you arrive at Chapman University.

+ - 17. Does Chapman require the SATs & ACTs?

Yes, an official SAT I or ACT with writing is required to complete an application to Chapman University. Even for international students and even for international students living abroad, we need these test scores. SAT or ACT is required for all first time freshman applicants or transfer students who have less than 24 credits from another college/ university at that time of application submission.

+ - 18. Does Chapman require SAT II / SAT Subject Tests?

No, Chapman does not require students to take the SAT Subject Tests. If you feel your SAT II Subject test reflects a strength in your application, feel free to submit it.

+ - 19. Does Chapman participate in Score Choice for SAT tests?

No. We advise students to submit ALL his or her test scores as we will superscore (uses the highest score achieved in each section of the SAT) the SAT and use your highest composite ACT score.

+ - 20. What is the average SAT & ACT Score at Chapman?

The Fall 2015 entering class held an average of 1877 for the SAT and a composite score of 27-28 on the ACT. As a reminder, these are averages, not requirements for admission.

+ - 21. Does Chapman have an ESL Program?

No, Chapman does not have a full-scale ESL program. However, there are English Support classes offered at Chapman University. International students who are non-native English speakers need to demonstrate English proficiency at the time of admission.

+ - 22. Does Chapman offer Conditional Admission?

Chapman does not offer conditional admission. At the bachelor degree level, there is no conditional admission offered for any of our majors. A student earns full admission if his or her application is strong enough in our applicant pool at the time of application. If a student is admitted, then the admission offer letter will include a statement that the admission offer is contingent upon the student's continued success. The Undergraduate Admission Office requires that an official copy of your final transcript be forwarded upon completion of your work.

We highly encourage international students seeking conditional admission to apply as a transfer student when they have completed 24 or more credits at a university or community college, have completed baccalaureate level English 100 or Writing 1 course, as well as, math at the statistics or calculus level (calculus is required for School of Business majors). The SAT or ACT requirement will be waived for transfer applicants who have completed 24 or more credits at the time of application. The TOEFL or IELTS will be waived for transfer students who have completed baccalaureate level English or Writing with a grade of C or better.

+ - 23. International Baccalaureate

  • For admission purposes we do not require the IB diploma.
  • There is no minimum IB scores required.
  • IB HL exams with scores of 5 or higher can earn university credit. Please refer to the Registrar’s Office website for further information.

+ - 24. IGCSE and A-levels

  • Students can apply during their AS levels; however, we would prefer to see students challenging themselves with the A-levels curriculum.
  • In some cases, university credit can be awarded for A-levels. Please have all A-level exam results submitted to Chapman.

+ - 25. What is the cost of attending Chapman University?

Click here for current Tuition and fee information.

For your convenience, here's a link to an online currency converter >

+ - 26. What is the International Supplemental Form, and is it required for admission?

The International Supplemental Form is our version of the FINANCIAL CERTIFICATION; it’s a comprehensive document that is required at the time of application for admission into Chapman University. It provides details about your passport, I-20 requirements, and financial support for your studies. Download a PDF of the International Supplemental Form. Directions for submission are directly on the document; you also need submit a bank statement as well.

If you hold a US passport, are a dual citizen, or are a permanent resident, you do NOT need this document. You need to apply as a domestic student. 

+ - 27. As an international student are there scholarships available through Chapman?

  • Chapman offers competitive merit scholarships that all students who apply to the university are eligible for; however, not all students will be awarded an award.  There is no separate application process as all applicants are considered at the point of a completed and on-time application. 
    • Merit scholarships for high school applicants are awarded according to a student's grades from high/secondary school, SAT or ACT scores, TOEFL or IETLS scores and overall academic profile and curriculum in high school in comparison to our applicant pool.
    • Merit scholarships for transfer international students are based upon the incoming transfer GPA from university-level work and overall academic profile.  
  • Departmental scholarships are available for various academic majors with the areas of art, performing arts, film and media arts and the sciences. These may require an audition or the submission of additional department requirements.

+ - 28. What are the merit award range amounts?

Merit scholarships range in value from $7,500-$27,000 per year. Entering freshmen are eligible for annual renewal of their merit scholarships for eight semesters of full-time undergraduate enrollment. All merit scholarship recipients must maintain a cumulative Chapman GPA of at least a 2.75 in order to renew their awards. Transfer students must also maintain full-time enrollment and can receive scholarships for eight semesters minus the number of full-time equivalent semesters attended prior to their enrollment at Chapman. For students transferring from another university merit scholarships range in value from $10,000 to $12,000 per year. These merit ranges are subject to change.

+ - 29. Are international students eligible for financial aid?

International students are not eligible for need-based financial aid at Chapman.

+ - 30. How can I submit my application fees & deposits?

  • Application Fee: $65  (Can be paid via credit card or wire transfer when submitting the application).
  • Deposit Fee for accepted students: $200  (Can be paid via wire transfer or online through your MyChapman account).

+ - 31. What are the Wire Transfer Details?

Click here for more information on making a payment

Account Name:
Chapman University General Operating Account
One University Drive
Attention: Financial Services Dept.
Orange, CA 92866

Name of Bank:

Wells Fargo Bank - Orange Plaza
Orange Plaza Branch
101 E. Chapman Ave
Orange, CA  92866
Account Number: 9286-0000-1111-2222-3
ABA Number(Routing Number): 121-000-248
International Wires, Swift code: WFBIUS6WFFX Students must include their name, student ID number, and reason for wire transfer such as: Application Fee, Enrollment deposit, or Housing deposit. If depositing for both (enrollment and housing) please send two separate deposits marked accordingly.

+ - 32. Can International students work in the USA?

  • International Students are eligible for jobs on campus for up to 19 hours a week. The amount earned will not be sufficient to put towards the cost of attendance at Chapman. 
  • International students may have restrictions with working off campus depending on their visa type. On an F1 visa, after the first year, an international student can work off campus at an internship if it relates to their major.
  • The International Student and Scholars Services Office is available to help with all visa and work-related questions for enrolled international students.
  • For more information, visit the Student Employment Office's Website.

International Student and Scholars Services [k1] Office is available to help with all visa and work related questions for enrolled international students.[k2] 

+ - 33. How do I obtain my I-20 or do a SEVIS transfer?

After you have been admitted to the university and have paid your $200 enrollment deposit and activated your ChapmanU email address, your information is given to Susan Sams. She organizes the issuing of the I-20 and begins communication with you about your next steps as it relates to immigration and enrollment. At that time, you can reach her at sams@chpaman.edu

+ - 34. I'm planning on applying for Film Production within the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, when should I apply?

All Film Production majors must apply on or before November 1st! Applicants to all other majors within Dodge College of Film & Media Arts have the option of applying for Early Action or Regular Decision, but not those interested in Film Production. If you miss this deadline or apply for Regular Decision or as a Late applicant (after Regular Decision), you have drastically decreased your chances for admission.

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