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As an institution for higher learning and an inclusive community, Chapman welcomes and embraces all students regardless of their citizenship status.

Our mission provides a personalized education of distinction that leads to inquiring, ethical and productive lives as global citizens. We attract students, staff, and faculty from around the world and strongly value all that they bring to our community.

We strive to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion for all community members regardless of their immigration status. That is why citizenship or immigration status are not conditions of admission to Chapman University. We encourage all students that are ready to commit to higher learning to apply.

Chapman's commitment to DACA and undocumented students
President Daniele Struppa
"We have a long-standing institutional commitment to support the valued members of our Chapman community who are DACA recipients or undocumented students, and we will continue to focus on their well-being."

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Applying for Admission

All information submitted on an application for admission to Chapman is treated as confidential. Both Undocumented and DACA students should feel comfortable providing as much accurate information as possible in order to help our office understand their status.

Reporting your Citizenship Status on your Application

In order to accurately represent your citizenship status please complete the following steps when filling out the “Citizenship” section of your application:

  1. Select your birth country/region/territory
  2. Write in city of birth
  3. Select number of years you have lived in the United States
  4. Select your citizenship status “DACA, undocumented, Deferred Enforced Departure, or Temporary Protected Status”
Paola Portillo
Paola Portillo
DACA student
Paola's always known she wanted to help people and make a difference. Now she's doing just that as a Biology major at Chapman.

Financial Aid

The Office of Admission reviews all domestic students, including undocumented and DACA students, under the same need-blind policy.

Although undocumented students are not eligible to apply for federal aid, they are still eligible for merit-based scholarships, department aid and limited need-based aid. Undocumented and DACA students that reside in California may qualify to receive California Grant via the CA DREAM Act.

Also, Immigrants Rising has compiled a list of outside scholarships that do not require proof of citizenship. We strongly encourage all undocumented students with financial need to apply.

Applying for the California Dream Act

The CA Dream Act Application is used by undocumented students who meet the eligibility requirements of California Assembly Bill 540 and come from a lower-income household or qualify for need-based aid.

The California Student Aid Commission processes the application and any aid received can be used at eligible California public or private institutions.

As you consider colleges, we encourage you to also apply for the California Dream Act.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Undocumented Students

If you can not find the answer to your question below, feel free to contact us at admit@chapman.edu or (714) 997-6711.

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