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General Information

+ - How large is the university?

Undergraduate: 6,363
Graduate, Professional + Law: 1,942

+ - What is an average class size?

The average class size is 24. Most undergraduate courses will range from 10-29 students.

+ - What are Chapman’s most popular undergraduate programs?

The most popular undergraduate programs are Business Administration, Communication Studies, Film ProductionPsychology and Public Relations & Advertising. We offer 110 areas of study (49 majors, 61 minors) so there are plenty of options! For those still determining an undergraduate path, Chapman boasts a large Undeclared population as our liberal arts general education truly allows and encourages exploration across varied subject areas.

+ - Where can I learn more about on campus clubs and activities?

Chapman University has a number of exciting opportunities for our students to become involved and enrich their experience on campus. To learn more about Greek Life on campus, please click here. In addition to Greek Life there are over 170 academic, professional and special-interest clubs on campus. We invite you to learn more about our Clubs & Organizations.

+ - How do I schedule a tour of Chapman?

All of our tours are scheduled online. Link over to our campus visit website to schedule a date and time to visit our campus. Campus Tours are generally offered Monday - Friday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., with the exception of some holidays and other exceptions. Our tours conclude with an Information Session hosted by one of our admission counselors.

+ - How much is tuition?

Please review our 2016-2017 Tuition and Fees. Applicants are also encouraged to apply for financial aid by filling out the FAFSA and will be automatically considered for merit scholarships just by applying. For more information on merit scholarships, please contact the Office of Admission.

+ - Is housing available to all students?

Housing is guaranteed for all incoming first year students. However, for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, housing is available on a space-available basis.  Many students work with the office of Housing and Residence Life to secure off-campus housing.

+ - What should I do if I'm interested in playing a sport at Chapman?

Chapman offers 21 intercollegiate sports competing at the NCAA Division III level as well as 6 club sports and intramural teams. If you are interested in competing on a Chapman Athletics team we recommend contacting the appropriate coach. Initiating contact will allow the coach to communicate with you directly about your talents, visit opportunities, walk-on and try-out opportunities.

+ - What classes am I required to take as an incoming first year student?

The only class that is mandatory as a First Year student is the First Year Foundation Course (FFC). We also recommend visiting the Orientation and First Year Experience websites.

+ - If I take AP or IB classes in high school will they count at Chapman?

Many AP and IB classes count for credit. Please check the International Baccalaureate equivalencies and Advanced Placement equivalences to view if your scores met the minimum requirements for course credit.

+ - Is it possible to receive a copy of the course catalog?

In the interest of the environment, only a limited number of hard copies are printed for the University. If you would like to look at the courses offered we recommend browsing the online catalog. This will have the most up to date information available.

Admission Questions

+ - What are the deadlines for admission?

Deadlines for First Year applicants

Early Action - November 1

  • Required deadline for PharmacyFilm ProductionTheatre Performance & Screen Acting applicants; within these programs, priority is given to first year applicants who apply by November 1.
  • For applicants to Dance, the Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music and Theatre: If your audition is not completed or received by the audition or Creative Supplement (audition upload) deadline, your application will be reviewed as a part of the Regular Decision admission cycle. Please refer to the Department Specific Requirements for more information on deadlines and requirements.

Regular Decision - January 15

Deadlines for Transfer applicants

Fall admission - February 15

Spring admission - October 15

+ - What factors are used to determine admission?

Applicants are evaluated for admission based on a holistic review, which means we factor several components into the admission decision including:

  • Strength of curriculum
  • Grade trends and academic performance overall
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Personal Statement and Chapman University questions
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Extracurricular activities/jobs/non-academic activities or responsibilities
  • Academic major and preparation for major

+ - Does Chapman require standardize testing?

Yes. Students may take the ACT or the SAT. The average SAT score for the incoming Fall of 2016 class is 1877 (old SAT out of 2400) and the average ACT is a 28 composite score. We do not require SAT subject tests, but we do recommend the Writing section of the SAT or ACT. Transfer applicants with 24 or more completed semester units at the time of application are waived from this requirement. 

+ - When is the latest SAT or ACT testing dates considered for Early Action and Regular Decision applicants?

For Early Action applicants: The latest testing dates that can be considered for Early Action are test dates in October. It’s ok that your scores may not be in your file until after the November 1 application deadline as they will still be received in time for review in Early Action.

For Regular Decision applicants: The latest testing dates that can be considered for Regular Decision are test dates in January.

Please alert the admission committee of any future testing dates you plan to sit for by indicating it in the Testing section of your Common Application.

+ - Is it possible to have a personal interview with an admission counselor?

Regional interviews with an admission counselor will be available in select cities during the Fall travel months. As our fall travel is confirmed we will post our plans on our CU on the Road page. Regional interviews with admission counselors are limited, however our interviews with admission fellows do provide more availability and options. Our Fellows Interviews provide prospective students with the opportunity to meet with current Chapman student leaders for an informational and evaluative conversation. The interviews are available on campus, over the phone and via Skype. They used by the admission committee as an additional component in the application review process.

Learn more and register for a Fellows Interview here

+ - Can I send additional paperwork to supplement my application?

With the exceptions of certain talent-based majors which do require the submission of additional requirements, the admission committee asks that students refrain from submitting any additional application materials. 

+ - Do you have any additional requirements for students applying to the Business Administration major?

We do not require any additional documents or forms, but we strongly advise that all students applying to Business Administration complete at least four years of math in high school, with the apex of their math studies in a calculus or statistics course. Transfer students do have specific transfer requirements and should refer to the Transfer Guide

+ - How do I go about registering for an audition for Music, Dance, or Theatre?

Please visit the department’s respective websites: Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music, Dance and Theatre for admission information including the audition process and Creative Supplement requirements.

+ - I was accepted, can I defer my admission?

Students may defer their admission for up to one year after the original offer of admission and with approval from the Office of Admission. Longer gaps will be considered at the discretion of the admission committee. Deferrals are only offered to students who have been formally admitted to Chapman University and are not taking college coursework during the deferral period. Students desiring a deferral must submit a Chapman University Deferred Enrollment form to the Office of Admission for approval. Certain programs are not eligible for deferred enrollment. Please contact the Office of Admission at admit@chapman.edu to request a deferral form.

+ - I've been offered provisional admission. What does this mean?

Provisional admits are just like any other admitted student, but have additional requirements for enrollment, and resources available to them to help ensure academic success on campus. After course registration, these students meet with Academic Advising to develop an enrollment plan that best meets their needs. Provisional admits are limited to 14 semester hours of credit during their first semester at Chapman. After completing this initial semester with a minimum of a 2.0 GPA, these credit restrictions are lifted.

Our experience has shown that these efforts are incredibly effective at aiding students as they begin their college experience. We also recommend visiting our Tutoring, Learning and Testing Center either in-person or via the website, to explore the resources available to aid in your academic success. 

+ - I've been deferred (rolled) from Early Action to the Regular Decision admission cycle. What does that mean?

Applicants are rolled from Early Action to the Regular Decision admission cycle either because their file remains incomplete, or the admission committee is requesting additional information prior to rendering a final admission decision. This may include information such as updated test scores or the Common Application Mid-Year Report form, including mid-year transcript. Applicants who receive notification of being deferred to the Regular Decision cycle should follow the instructions in the communication by the given deadline, and provide the necessary documents so we can complete and review your file. As a reminder, the committee will only review deferred applicants who have completed the call-to-action listed in the notification.

Transfer Students

+ - Am I a First Year or Transfer applicant to Chapman University?

You are considered a first year applicant if any of the following apply:

  • You are still in high school/home school and have not yet received your high school diploma or the equivalent.
  • You have received a high school diploma or the equivalent but have not enrolled full-time at a post-secondary institution nor entered a college or university as a degree-seeking student.
  • You have not yet received your high school diploma or the equivalent and are enrolled in an early college program or dual enrollment program.

You are considered a transfer applicant if any of the following apply:

  • You have enrolled as a degree-seeking student at a college or university at any point after you received your high school diploma or the equivalent.
  • You graduated from high school or received a high school diploma equivalent and subsequently enrolled in a college or university course.

If either of these conditions applies to you, you cannot disregard your college record and apply as a First Year applicant. You must apply as a transfer.

+ - Is it possible to transfer to Chapman University?

Chapman accepts transfer students for both the fall and spring semesters. Please check the transfer student section for specifics regarding units, general education, and application deadlines.

+ - If I plan on transferring to Chapman, how do I know which college coursed I've taken will transfer?

You can choose to schedule a transfer advising appointment or view Chapman’s articulation agreements with other universities and community colleges. To view how courses from other institutions will transfer to Chapman please visit the Transfer Credit and Articulation webpage. If Chapman does not have an articulation agreement with the school you are transferring from, we suggest scheduling a transfer appointment.

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